Looking for work in Italy.

There are a number of careers in Italy that are open are the foreigners in the media, tourism, technology, finance, fashion design, and English teaching sectors. They are very specific about job applications. You may find many adverts stating the age, gender, appearance, language skills, abilities and qualifications.

Minimum requirements

  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent qualifications
  • Experience
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Fluency in the Italian language
  • Work and residence visa

Careers in Italy: English teaching
Private schools pay the highest salaries and have the most openings. The teacher is required to follow a strict curriculum with little space for additional creativity. There are also a number of public schools that are willing to employ native English speakers to teach English. You have a better chance to secure a job if you have a TEFL qualification. They will not hire you without a personal interview so it is best to search for teaching jobs when you are in the country.

Careers in Italy:

Fashion industry Jobs
Milan is the capital of fashion and has the most employment opportunities. Take your garments and designs with and make sure you have a list of references and good qualifications. Fashion is a growing industry in Italy and if your work is good, fluency in the Italian language will not be required.

Art Restoration Careers
It is a very specialized field, but if you have done a related diploma or degree, you can enroll in the 'Oro e Colore' training program. After completion, you may want to visit antique shops and art galleries to find jobs or browse the newspapers.

Technology Employment
The most job openings are in the computer and technology industry. You can use online sources to find employment in these industries. They are looking for specialized skills, experience and qualifications. Fluency in the Italian language will be to your advantage. They don't pay as high as in other countries but living costs are lower than in most other places. A technical diploma or Master's degree is required for information technology jobs.

There is a severe shortage of product design and electrical engineers in the northern part of the country, although they also employ foreign mechanical engineers. The minimum qualification is diploma in engineering or Bachelor's degree.

Other types of jobs
If you plan to find a job in the financial sector, then you should get in contact with the Italian Chamber of Business as well as online sources. The tourism industry is always looking for English speaking persons with good tourism qualifications.

Job sources for careers in Italy
The Italians believe in networking and even if you qualify for a job, you may have to stand down for someone's nephew or business acquaintance. Apart from many online sources, there are daily advertisements in the newspapers. You can make use of their employment agencies and very important: network organizations such as Benvenuto Club or the Professional Woman's Association where you can build strong relationships and valuable contacts.