Looking for work in Taiwan

Types of Jobs in Taiwan

Many foreigners who start out in English teaching jobs, later change to other types of jobs in Taiwan. None of these jobs pay as well as English teaching does, but if you are looking for something to supplement your income or just want to try something new you can try one of these types of jobs.


Strange as it may seem, the Chinese do make use of Caucasian models to advertise their products in small commercials. Blondes in particular are very popular. They prefer the international and famous models, but smaller companies also hire new comers to the modeling industry. You can make use of the Taiwan Yellow Pages to find textile companies or contact New Face Modeling Agency in Taiwan at +886 2.2394.4426.

Types of Jobs in the Media Sector

Many publishers employ foreigners as editors for magazines and newspapers, catalogues, and newsletters. The work entails translation, proofreading or rewriting of letters and articles. If you plan to work as an editor or reporter, you will need some journalistic experience or qualifications. The Internet is a good starting place for finding jobs in Taiwan regarding journalism.

Translation Services

You can assist in the recording of language tapes at language instruction institutions, at private companies, and at government offices. You should be fluent in English. Experience or qualifications will count in your favor.

Engineering Jobs

There are a limited number of engineering jobs available in Taiwan. They have strict hiring criteria and expect long hours of work in this field. The best places to look for these types of jobs are in the newspapers and Internet job sites.