Magazine Internship Guidelines

Magazine internships are a unique opportunity to obtain experience in this very important type of publishing. Magazines are usually specialists in their niche markets, and operate under the "periodical" system. These internships are extremely valuable professional experience. On-line and print magazines include some of the most important news, professional, and scientific publishers, like TIME Magazine, Nature, and Science.

Magazine internship benefits

Magazine internships are a particularly useful form of training. They contain elements of all forms of publishing, both on-line and in print media. They also concentrate strongly on quality of materials and production. This is one of their primary selling points, and you'll find any magazine meticulous in its production standards.

That means you'll be working with extremely good quality materials, the professional quality required for advancement in media. If you're keen, and take advantage of the opportunities, you can turn it into an excellent career asset.

In any magazine internship you'll learn first hand some of the absolute essentials of publication in any medium. These are the areas you must study in detail:

Time management:
Everything in media is done on time frames. Working with deadlines is critically important. It's a skill you must master to work in media.

Editorial roles:
A good editor is a priceless career asset for any trainee in media. You can learn a lot of vital skills in a hurry in an internship. You can also get guidance in structuring your work, improving your performance and media production, research methods, and operational procedures. This advice will save you a lot of awkward moments over your career. The more you learn and the faster you learn, the better you'll progress.

Proofs and content quality control:
Top level media is proofed by experienced staff who can give you excellent advice and assistance. By the time you've finished your internship you'll be able to do your own work to a very high standard, almost as a reflex.

The magazine compilation process:
Magazine materials are compiled using the editorial process and strategic planning. Magazines are planned well in advance, using prepared structures and layouts. For those involved in graphic production, feature writing, specialist materials, and other natural parts of magazine production, this is an invaluable lesson in the realities of the industry. The magazine's image and market is based to a large extent on this profiling.

The business side:
Volunteering to work in the business area is a very good idea. Most people in media production don't get enough exposure to the business issues in their mediums. You'll also get a very useful level of experience in the business areas of magazines in various ways as part of your internship. You will get a very realistic picture of the dollar-based realities of publishing.

Magazine internships for experienced media people

For experienced writers, graphic artists and content producers, a magazine internship can be a true career asset. It can provide a large range of current experience in areas of your work you may be trying to develop, and/or fill gaps in your experience for other jobs.  As a resume entry, some internships are valuable credentials.