Marketing for job hunters

If you've been getting interviews, but not getting jobs, there may be one very basic problem; you're not marketing effectively.

It's a quite common problem, and it's particularly good at preventing people from getting the jobs they should get.

Marketing isn't some sort of circus trick.

Think of it like shopping around. You know what you want. You check things out to see if they meet your needs. You need to know they can do what your want, and if you can get extras for the same price, you've got a good deal.


For the very straightforward reason that you're getting the information you need from those who market their product correctly. There's all the information, where you can see it.

In any job interview, panelists can be driven up the wall, quite literally, by applicants who have all the qualifications and experience, and barely say two informative words in 40 minutes. It's maddening.

Some people only get jobs because at the last minute their referees explain some of their achievements and abilities. They make points the applicants should have made at the interview.

Some people are just plain lousy interviewees. Much less capable people get jobs for no reason other than the fact they were more communicative.

The methods for marketing are pretty basic, but can be a bit complex, so we'll need to go into some depth.