Mechanical Engineer Job Search Tips

Mechanical engineering job searches require patience. Whether you’re searching online or through a network, finding the right job will require thought. The job boards can be a problem when searching for mechanical engineering jobs. The generic descriptions make finding the right job difficult because the job includes such a wide range of jobs. Finding mechanical engineering jobs online will require specialized search terms.

Finding a Mechanical Engineering Job Online


If you specialize in a particular area of mechanical engineering, use the job functions as your search terms. For example, a search like “elevator + mechanic” will narrow down your choices. You’ll find that a specific search term will work much better. Even single technical terms like “outage” can only apply to a specific type of job. Specialists, in particular, need to focus on their specialization as the defining search criteria. We also strongly advise looking at mechanical engineering job-only websites, particularly at the higher levels of the profession, as an addition to quality control. Professional associations are also useful and provide links to these sites.

Job Search Categories

For experienced and senior mechanical engineers, however, there’s another level of difficulty. Avoiding the lower grade jobs in your field is more difficult because of the use of common terms. The terms are the same for expertise work and for general labor work. As a result, you will need to use more than one search term in order to reduce search clutter. You will need to include special qualifiers like salary or location.

Senior mechanical engineers and consultants may find it easier to search for “executive” categories. Sometimes, they should also look for positions that hold additional responsibilities, like "manager, project lead or coordinator."

Other Types Of Job Search

  • Networking: Mechanical engineering job networks are mainly professional. They are very useful for job hunting and help you find good quality jobs. Local knowledge of a possible job is invaluable. Also, these organizations can identify dead end jobs you may have encountered, and want to avoid.
  • Cold canvassing: Engineering isn’t usually a cold canvassing job market, unless you’re a specialist or highly experienced in a particular area. If you are, however, it becomes a real job hunting option. Turnover in the mechanical engineering job market is regular, and job opportunities with major employers are common. You can also get some useful information regarding hiring practices, and how to approach the employers.
  • Consultancies: At middle to senior level, mechanical engineers may find themselves in demand as consultants. Consultancies in mechanical engineering include both professional credentials and very interesting, rewarding work. These consultancies are easy to find online, and they’re a good option for those at expert level.
  • Projects: Project work can be some of the most rewarding mechanical engineering jobs available, and can lead to more work and career progression opportunities. If you’re stuck and looking for new career moves, this may be exactly what you need.