Mechanical Engineering Internship Tips

A mechanical engineering internship is the best option to acquire hands-on experience after graduation, or even during your course work. Mechanical engineering is a discipline where you apply the principles of physics and material science. The internship is a temporary position, lasting generally for a few months, in a mechanical engineering department of an organization. Here you are given the opportunities to work on real-life projects, which you can record on your resume.

Finding a Mechanical Engineering Internship

Organizing your search according to these steps will help you make the most productive search:

  • Find the list of organizations in need of interns through a career counselor or the placement office at your college.
  • Visit job fairs and browse cyberspace to gain additional ideas about the needs of different organizations.
  • Become a member of a professional organization like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments.
  • Prepare your curriculum vitae or resume and submit it at the earliest time possible to your selected organizations.
  • Your resume should specify and highlight anything in your past that relates to mechanical engineering.

Other Methods of Landing a Mechanical Engineering Internship

Obtaining this internship requires patience. Do not apply for an internship and expect to have that role in a matter of days. If you are in college, do not wait to start applying for internships until after you have graduated. This is something you should do months before you graduate. In fact, if you are set to graduate around May, consider applying to internships around and before Christmas. This is a prudent way to be ahead of your peers. Furthermore, you should apply for several internships to increase your chances of acquiring a vacancy.

Do not skip career fairs if there is a chance an engineering firm will be present. Even if these positions are designed for full-time applicants, why not meet someone at the company, shake someone’s hand and ask some questions about the firm? Perhaps soon, they will be asking you insightful questions. This is a simple form of networking, which shows your interest and advertises your professionalism. Perhaps this encounter could lead to an internship, and now you have turned nothing into something.

Practice Questions for a Mechanical Engineering Internship

If you receive an invitation to an interview, you should prepare in advance for questions the interviewer may ask you.

  • General Questions
    • What do you think is the best aspect of joining our organization’s internship?
    • How can you contribute to the organization through this internship?
    • Tell us about a recent technical project you were involved with.
  • Engineering-Specific Questions
    • What is the importance of thermodynamics in the mechanical engineering field?
    • What is a Carnot engine?
    • What are the laws and principles of thermodynamics?
    • Define the Hess Law and what it means to you.
    • Which formula links mechanical engineering with thermodynamics?
    • How does a diesel engine maintain more fuel efficiency than a gasoline engine?

Mechanical engineers should possess a magnificent understanding of the concepts of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and so on. The interviews for a mechanical engineering internship are generally conducted to find out your knowledge and your grasp of technical aspects of this subject and field. Consequently your answers need to show off your exuberance and interest in the mechanical engineering field and your sincere interest in their organization.