Medical Internship Tips

Medical internship is a training period during when a physician undergoes compulsory training after completing their medical school program. Those undergoing internship programs have a medical graduation degree but are not licensed to practice medicine on their own. According to American Medical Association, physicians have to join medical residency training after their graduation, before starting their own careers. Those who want to specialize in a specialized field like radiotherapy or anesthesia of medicine have to undergo a specialty residency training program, which stretches from 3 to 6 years.

Starting Medical Internship

  • Many hospitals need medical interns on regular basis. However, well known and established hospitals or medical facilities are hard to get in. Get in touch with the hospital of your choice through internet, consultants or career placement cells and ask them for internship positions.
  • You must pass the common knowledge medical tests that are based on anatomy, pathology, biochemistry. You will then be required to pass the test based on clinical sciences and diagnosis.

Interview Tips

  • Know about the organization you have applied for from their website and get acquaint yourself with its mission and operations.
  • Know about the current events in the healthcare industry.
  • Carry the required credentials, transcripts, resume and cover letters in a neatly organized way in a folder.
  • Be punctual and reach the interview venue at least 15 minutes before the given time.
  • Avoid answering simply yes or no questions. Show your confidence and abilities in your answers in a positive attitude.
  • Ask questions about the responsibilities and the period of internship.

Preparatory Questions

Competency testing, problem analysis, planning & organizing are the general classes of questions asked during the interview. The following are some typical questions that you might have to answer:

  • Tell us, which part of your course was most interesting and why?
  • How did your course or which part of your course helped you to prepare for this internship?
  • What was your dissertation topic? Why did you select this topic?
  • Tell us an instance when you improved an established way of doing something.
  • Describe your experience and feeling when you overcame an obstacle.
  • Tell us about a time when the course load was very taxing and how did you manage it.

Generally the questions for the internship interviews are not job related as candidates are fresh graduates without the professional and practical experience. For competency testing questions, your answers should explain or clearly indicate your abilities. Answers to problem analysis questions should reflect your ability to collect required data, identify the key issues and methods used in its evaluation and solving it.

For planning and organizing questions, your answers should exhibit your ability to plan ahead, prioritize, scheduling and management. Medical internship is the place where you are going to practice the skills you have studied during your program and a place to prepare yourself as a physician saving the patient from medical conditions.