Medical Lab Technician Job Search Tips

A Medical lab technician job search reaches a very large job market. The areas of specialization add complexity, and in some cases, can make the job hunt very difficult. Fortunately, medical lab technicians have at least one advantage, that is that most job boards use medical lab technician jobs as a basic category. The problem is that there are a lot of jobs advertised at any one time. Another problem is the type of work that is advertised because you can often find large numbers of jobs that aren’t relevant and waste time.

Medical Lab Technician Job Search Online

As with most technical and specialist jobs, it’s advisable to use unique search terms. For medical lab technicians, using terms like immunological, serological, and other qualifiers will find jobs matching your skill set and preferred areas of practice. This is a situation where the more technical your terms are, the more effective your search is likely to be.

The unique terminology usage can go several steps further for senior medical lab technicians, using certifications and qualifications as additional or single search terms. Salaries and locations are another way of keeping your search focused on your needs. Overall, the more qualifiers the better, because you can systematically approach your job search and use a thorough set of criteria.

If you’re a specialist, even types of lab technology systems can help find your jobs for you. These terms are used as part of the job descriptions, so consider what your ideal job description would be, and search in those areas. Approach the search as if you were writing the job description yourself.

Alternative Types of Job Search for Medical Lab Technicians

  • Recruitment agencies: In technical professions, if you’re having difficulty finding a job, a specialist recruiter may be a good option, provided you’re sure they’re achieving placements and are happy with the recruitment agreement.
  • Networking: In the health sector, networking is an information source rather than necessarily a way of finding jobs, because of the nature of the employment market. However, networks can provide good contacts, and on your side is the demand for medical lab technicians, which is increasing much faster than the national average at 14% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Part Time Jobs: These are usually not the preferred job option, but they are potentially useful in getting full time job offers. Part time jobs can also turn into permanent full time positions because of staff turnover patterns and increasing demand for services.
  • Skill set based jobs: Medical lab technicians often have multiple skill sets in different areas. If you find a medical lab technician job which includes a particular skill set or area of experience, you may want to target this role in preference to jobs in which are more generalist.