Medical Transcriptionist Job Search Tips

There are several medical transcriptionist job search tips for those who wish to go into the growing field of health care information management. Medical transcriptionists are responsible for the secure processing of spoken medical records into written formats that are used for patient medical files, insurance cording, medical billing and ongoing treatment plans. Follow these tips to find work in this interesting field.

Earn Skills Needed to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

The most obvious skills needed to become a medical transcriptionist include accurate typing and sharp listening. Medical transcriptionists must also have the skills to use computers, Dictaphones, and medical transcription software and hardware efficiently at all times. In addition, it's important for medical transcriptionists to learn medical terminology, study general medical care and the treatment of diseases, and understand the processes that go on in most health care centers. You can improve your ability to search for work as a medical transcriptionist if you start developing these skills early on in your career.

Obtain Certification as a Medical Transcriptionist

To learn the above skills and obtain a job as a medical transcriptionist usually requires getting certified as a medical transcriptionist. This involves taking classes in an approved medical transcription program or college that result in certification. Most employers who hire medical transcriptionists require at least a certification in medical transcription, and many will recruit new transcriptionists directly from schools that provide this education. This will give you a jump start on your job search to become a medical transcriptionist.

Get Involved with Medical Transcriptionist Associations and Communities

To facilitate your search for a medical transcriptionist job, join a nationally recognized medical transcriptionist association or become part of a community. You can find directories of organizations on the Internet as well as through your school where you earned your certification. In addition, it's wise to get involved with community forums where professional medical transcriptionists gather to talk about the industry, share information about the companies that are hiring and provide mentors to help new medical transcriptionists find good work opportunities.  

Look for Medical Transcriptionist Jobs Online and Locally

Due to the rise in the demand for more health care service professionals, a great number of opportunities exist in medical transcription. Chances are there will be career listings online on career websites and community forums and through the school where you learned medical transcription. Take advantage of these online resources and also contact health care centers in your region to increase your chances of getting hired.

Consider Working Virtually as an Independent Contractor

While there are opportunities to find a job in this field locally, there is also a wide range of virtual and independent contractor jobs to be found. Technology has made it possible for medical transcriptionists to work from home, so be sure to consider this when searching for a job. Look for companies that pay generously by the line of transcription and that offer bonuses and incentives, benefits, ongoing training and even equipment to their remote medical transcriptionists as you begin searching for work.