Medical Translator Job Search Tips

Medical interpreters are becoming more and more important in the health care industry. The Hispanic population is constantly increasing, thus the need of Spanish medical interpreters is real. Furthermore, this phenomenon is duplicated in other populations. Chinese, Hindi, and rare languages are in high demand. Read on to find out how to go about your job search.

Apply On line to Become a Medical Interpreter

If you are looking to start a career as a medical interpreter, there are several options as regards job searching. One of the most popular ones is filling out on line job applications. Most interpreting and translation companies count with websites, with a careers section, where you can enter your information.

In general, they even include what languages they need at the time. However, if your language is not listed, feel free to contact them spontaneously, you never know when there can be an opening. Most of these companies work with over the phone interpreters, and since this specific sector of the industry is in constant growth, the opportunities are vast.

Interpreting Agencies and Training Centers

You can always take your resume to interpreting and translation agencies and request an interview. Personal interaction and putting a face to your resume always adds a few points. Remember that an interpreter should always look professional, so if you care going for this option pay utmost attention to your personal image.

You probably have taken a training course or program to become a medical interpreter. You should know that most centers training interpreters also work with hospitals and clinics. If you were one of the best in your class, chances are, they'll hire you to work with them. However, if they don't, inquire them about job opportunities, if there's an opening they will take you into consideration.

If the Mountain won’t Come to Muhammad…

Even though medical interpreters are highly sought after, don’t expect to receive job offers at your doorsteps. Take action. Walk your town, take your C.V to different hospitals and clinics in your area, make sure they know who you are and what you can do for them.

Check the newspaper for ads, call the agencies you have already contacted to find out if there were any openings, in other words, take a dynamic attitude. Many companies and agencies store your C.V and forget all about it. For that reason, you need to remind them that you are available and still interested in working with them.

Going Back to the Internet

Apart from visiting interpreting and translation agencies’ websites, visit job search websites. Some of them are specific to the industry. You will probably visit sites specific to translators and interpreters, and that is a great idea. However, you should also visit health care industry websites like, where you will find plenty of opportunities.

Finally, professional social networks are a wonderful way to make contacts and to find out about job openings. These networks usually have specific groups with job opportunities listings for medical interpreters and translators. So don't be scared to come out of your shell, remember contacts are always a great asset.