Meeting with Job Recruiters at a Career Fair: 4 Tips

Meeting job recruiters at a career fair can be one of the best ways to work your way into the job that you want. Job recruiters often know about jobs that are available in your field and if you can make an impression on them, they may be willing to help you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to meeting with job recruiters at a career fair.

1. Prepare Questions

When you are headed to a career fair, be sure to prepare some questions in advance. Many people make the mistake of going to a career fair and then thinking of questions to ask at the last second. Coming up with a list of intelligent questions to ask ahead of time can make you look prepared and professional. If you ask intelligent questions during the process, you will stand out from the masses of other job seekers.

2. Don't Drop Your Resume

One of the common mistakes that job seekers make is simply dropping off their resume and walking away. Even if a recruiter looks very busy, you need to take the time to wait and talk to them. Dropping off your resume will usually not help you get a job. You need to stay and talk to the recruiter so that you can connect with them. The recruiter will have no incentive to work with you if you do not give them some reason to remember you.

3. Don't Take Too Much Time

Even though you want to spend some time with each of the recruiters that you are interested in, you do not want to take up too much of their time. After a certain amount of visiting, the recruiter will most likely need to get on to talking to other job seekers. Although it is a good idea to develop a relationship with the recruiter, you do not want to make them feel uncomfortable by asking too many questions or rambling about your skills and qualifications.

4. Deal With Competition

At a career fair, expect a lot of competition when it comes to other people talking to the recruiters you want to reach. This is especially true when unemployment is high and many people are looking for work. Do not be discouraged by the thought of competition and simply give up. You have a certain mix of skills and abilities that no one else has. While you are not a good fit for every job that is available, you might be the perfect fit for one of them at the career fair. Try to talk to as many recruiters as you can and be willing to overcome a little competition in the process. You may need to be assertive just to get a moment of their time. Otherwise, you might never get to talk to a recruiter and feel like you need to just drop your resume off on the table