Migrating to Australia

Note: We can't give legal advice to applicants. Applicants should obtain advice from the Department of Immigration or immigration professionals regarding their own cases.

Important : Disclaimer

Migrating to Australia isn't difficult.

It is, however, a formal legal process, so it has to be done properly.

So here's a few pointers:

Problems with applications

There are a few stories on the internet about people having problems migrating to Australia.

Most problems are caused by either not understanding the process, or getting bad information from third parties.

The Department of Immigration is the best source of information, and it's first hand information, from people who know the law.

Anything you don't understand, or if you're not sure, ask them.

Make sure you really do know what's required for your application.

Don't guess.

The Department of Immigration

The Department of Immigration is obliged to enforce immigration law.

Enforcement is required to ensure fairness to migrants.

Every person breaking the law is denying rights to legal migrants, trying to jump the queue. Even refugees are affected by people trying to obtain illegal entry into Australia. While the real migrants abide by the law, the illegal entrants have to be found and removed from the system.

Illegal entry is an expensive, useless, time wasting, nuisance, which helps nobody.

Ironically, illegal migrants often end up paying more for a failed attempt to enter the country, than real migrants do to enter legally.

The Department of Immigration also has extensive legal powers to obtain information. As a very broad statement, the Department can lawfully request any information from applicants considered necessary for the purposes of administering the immigration laws.

Your application

Don't get too worried about the migration process.

It really is just a matter of providing the information needed to support your application.

All you need to do is make sure you provide what's required.

If you're not sure, ask.

Migration Agents and Lawyers

It sometimes happens that applications require legal advice, or someone to represent applicants and make a case supporting their applications.

In these instances, migration agents and lawyers can be a useful support mechanism.


Some cases are particularly difficult and complex because of individual circumstances.

Applicants should be fully aware of their situation, their rights and obligations, at all times.

  • Advice may be given by anyone in good faith, but not necessarily be correct.
  • Advice may be correct, but not properly understood.

Remember, this is the biggest move in your life.