Motivation is the key factor in deciding on being self-employed and working in an international country will require all that you've got.

Although most spouses of internationally placed candidates have the best of intentions to be positive and open-minded, the majority become depressed and apathetic. It can be a traumatic experience for some, to be in an environment so far removed from what you are accustomed to. The idea of not having a job or career to qualify your name with can be especially gloomy to some people.

It is important to remember to take small steps initially, and be pleased with each and every accomplishment you make, no matter how simple it might be. In some countries, everyday shopping can be exhaustive and time consuming. Opening a bank account or buying postage stamps on your own should be simple tasks, but often are complicated procedures in international countries.

How you will deal with life in an international location depends on your mental makeup, your attitude and your spirit of adventure. While there might be plenty of disadvantages overseas, you must focus on the advantages and make full use of them. Household help is readily and cheaply available in most Asian countries and is one of the bonuses of working overseas.

The best way to get used to life in your new location is to learn the local language. Being able to conduct your daily tasks in the local language will give you more confidence and give a boost to your self-esteem.

Once you have settled in, set up your office in your house and chalk out how many calls you need to make each week. Develop contacts through your spouse's job, the expatriate community or any other source. Even joining a club or volunteering for social work can lead to openings. Contact the local embassy or consulate to find companies from your country where you might find a job. Being a consultant offering expertise in conducting business in western culture is often overlooked.

Be clear about your objective of seeking short-term or contract work when contacting employers. It is a good idea to list the level of availability you would like, such as 'available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings' which instead of sounding limiting appears less threatening to employers.

Your earnings will vary based on your location, skills, and the amount of time you spend working. It always helps to be inventive and creative to boost your income. Buying traditional handicrafts to sell in your home country is one of the best ways to make additional income.


Have a positive frame of mind and make an effort to make as many contacts as possible to get you started on your freelancing career.