Multi-faceted job search approach

Works for people with a strong personal presence; the good salespeople. Does not work for the shy or those lacking confidence

Going for ranges of different jobs

Particularly good for people who are multi-skilled. Not good for people whose work history is specialized, or are out of their depth in jobs where they're partially skilled.


Contracting can be a life saver for those with good portable skills. It will deliver, and you can build up a very good CV in the process. Anyone who doesn't know the contract job environment, however, needs to learn this different employment environment.

Self employment

This can be a sideline, or a full-time job. This also works as a job search on various levels, getting different forms of employment. You can even have multiple jobs. This is best for the individualists.

'Buying' a job, like buying a business

This one comes with 'look out!' written all over it. You must know your way around any business you buy. It's a great way of going broke, otherwise. It does give you a job, but also gives you some new risks. You're advised to take a basic business course, which is another employment asset for going for jobs.

'Creating' a job, like starting a buy-and-sell job on ebay

This is more useful than it looks. There's an employment market for experienced ebay sellers as full-time employees. Some do extremely well, and you get experience as well as pay. However, don't expect to become an Internet entrepreneur. Successful sellers and buyers in this field are the real experts, and not everyone makes it.