Mumbai Job Market

Focus: Contract and part time jobs; all categories; also allother jobs

A career in acting.

Mumbai, as the Hollywood of India, Mumbai offers extremelyattractive terms in acting. Though you can be from any type ofeducational background, today's professionalism would require youto have completed the one year acting school that has helped manyof he the popular artistes of today. The silver screen is alwayslooking out for new faces so you can always hope that you can bediscovered. The struggle is very tough, but if you succeed inthis line you really has it made, as the starting pay is a fewrupees (about -6000) per film. Besides the fact hat being acelebrity you get an enormous amount of perks wherever yougo.

The first climbing step to reach movies is of course, the adworld. So, in case you are not getting your platform for enteringthe movies line in Mumbai, you can always go for a modelingcareerinstead, first and then get into the movies. Almost all the admodels will sometime or other get offers for movies.Alternatives, watch the talent shows and contents that areabounding nowadays to make yourself visible. Leading producerstoo are always open to new talent.

A word of caution though, since a lot of money and glamour(read exposure) is involved, young girls are advised to alwaysmove around with a chaperone, to cut off the chances of sexualabuse or possible molestation from intermediaries.

For those who find acting as extremely important in theirlife, there is the theatre. The Prithvi Theatre is one of theoldest theatres of India and an excellent showcase for realtalent. A great number of today's veteran actors had once beenpart of this grand theatres repertoire. Here the pay is notgreat, but the acting challenges are great and the satisfactionyou can gain from it is beyond words.

Acareer on ships

Mumbai is a well known destination and starting point for anumber of luxurycruisers. A career on the ship is extremely rewarding bothfrom the point of job satisfaction as well as pay. A careeron a luxury cruiser is equivalent to that of a stewardess (airhostess). You get to go to many places and cover manydestinations, besides being paying handsomely. The downside herecan be that you will have to work really hard as the jobs on theship are very demanding, sometimes involving more than 12 hoursof work per day.

A career as a courier agent

This is another glamour driven job, though on a much lowerscale than the above two. Tough it can turn sometimes a bitmonotonous, since you will be given one sector in which you willfunction for a long time, this involves flight to a destinationas a courier agent. There you will have all your stay andboarding arranged and all you will have to do till your flightreturns is to see the city and shop duty free. Great way to earnyour living.

For those who wish to apply directly to the companies, you candefinitely do so. Many companies advertise on their own websiteswhen and what vacancies they have. It is good to apply directly,though a placement agency will help you better.

Government Sector

In the government sector job there is always an age limit,mostly it should cross 33-35 years of age. Check that pointbefore you go through the applicationprocess. Also all the government jobs will be open ONLY forIndian citizens. The jobs incorporates can be had even if you area foreigner with a permit to reside in India. However, there isno exception in Government jobs. One has to be an Indian citizento be eligible for such a job.