Music Industry Internship Guidelines

Music industry internships are the first step to establish a career in the music industry. For any kind of career in music industry, whether it is music production, engineering or any music business related job; internships are the best starting points. A music internship generally lasts for four to six months. As is the case with any other internship opportunity, it is an effective way to establish rapport with prospective employer. Moreover, as an intern, you get valuable insights into a particular industry and give you a chance to analyze the industry before you start your career.

You must thoroughly love music to enter this field since the field is full of rejection and is highly competitive. You do not have to be an expert performer to become hired as a music industry intern, but it helps to understand the business if you have singing or experience within the industry.

Securing Internship Opportunity

  • Get information about the music internship through internet, or by browsing through music related magazines.
  • If you know someone working with a music entertainment company, it probably is your best chance.
  • Get in touch with your music school's placement division so that you can get a list of music companies with internship offers.

Preparing for the Interview

Music industry is highly competitive; hence, you should prepare yourself thoroughly before you appear for the internship interview. Following are some generic questions which might help you in preparing for an internship with a music company -  

Sample Questions

  • Differentiate basic vocal techniques for different musical styles like pop, country, rock?
  • How would you warm up a band or an orchestra?
  • How many music concerts have you been directly involved with?
  • How will you choose repertoire for your ensemble?
  • How can you incorporate global music standards in your compositions?
  • Which rhythm or tonal syllable system(s) you prefer to use in your compositions?
  • Describe a good choral sound. How can you develop this sound?
  • Discuss the role of accompanist in the choral setting.
  • How important are the competitions and talent shows according to you?

 Specific Tips for Music Industry Internships

  • Always be punctual during the internship period.
  • Learn new methods in your field and incorporate them innovatively in your tasks.
  • Be friendly with others and learn about the other genres of music.
  • A sincere and dedicated approach towards allotted tasks will garner attention of the employer or supervisor. 
  • Volunteer to do fill in the gaps for other co-workers who are absent or ill.
  • Be creative when there is a talent show or program.
  • Take care of menial and minor tasks so that your supervisor or employer appreciates you.
  • Be internet and technology savvy as there are lots of innovative methods for promoting talents.
  • Collect the appreciation in black and white. These can be used for securing future jobs.
  • Don't ever waste the time of celebrities you are working with.
  • Learn the perfectionist's methods from the experienced people.

Your internship opportunity can be turned into a full time employment offer, depending on the quality, productivity, dependability, relationship skills and creativity that you had showcased.