Network Engineer Job Search Tips

The Network engineer job search is without a doubt one of the more difficult job searches. The extensive range of this very non-specific job classification is a significant problem for online job hunters. The two most common terms on any job board are "network" and "engineer", and the two together can produce thousands of results on any job search from both job titles and job descriptions.

What to Avoid

Generic terms cover practically every network engineer job and will usually target everything but what you want. Using descriptors simply produces results for much lower level jobs. There are a range of terms to avoid:

  • Network
  • Engineer
  • LAN
  • Configuration
  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Troubleshooting
  • Help desk
  • Installation
  • Systems
  • Database
  • Maintenance
  • Server


Online Job Search Shortcuts

  • Use any search term that relates directly to your area of expertise and is not generic to network engineer jobs. A unique search term will target exactly what you want and will avoid generics.
  • You need to use terms which are current, with reference to your present level of skills. New qualifications or recent certifications are a good way of ensuring you're not looking for your old job in a slightly reworded form.
  • One reliable way of pinning down the search terms you need to find a specific type of work or job is lateral thinking. Search skills, not job titles. What would the essential criteria and skills be for the job you want?
  • Search your strongest skills first. These are the jobs where you can reasonably expect to achieve results. Prioritize your job applications in terms of reasonable chances of success.  
  • Employers can be a real blessing in terms of reducing your search term requirements. Simply searching a major employer gives you both a unique term and a range of search probabilities.

Other Network Engineer Job Hunting Options

Network engineering jobs and their career options aren't easy to assess on the basis of a job ad. There are some other possibilities for network engineer job hunting:

  • Project work: This can be the beginning of a major career upgrade, because of the high demand in the job market. The work and the income can be excellent.
  • Freelance work: This type of work is almost universal, and even at baseline level it pays the bills. It can be an excellent way of developing skills and creating a good portfolio range of additional values in job applications.
  • Consultancy: If a consultancy is a realistic network engineering job prospect for you, research your options. The consultancy field is an excellent type of network engineer job where your talents and experience can flourish.