Networking Tips for Clinical Nurse Specialist Jobs

After years of preparation, you are in search of clinical nurse specialist jobs. The most efficient way of finding the perfect position for you is by meeting as many people as possible. In other words, it is time to start networking. Networking can seem intimidating and challenging, but many people enjoy the networking process after making a few connections. For more tips and ideas on how to land your perfect job, visit

Reconnect with Old Acquaintances

The best way to begin networking is to contact people with whom you have already connected at one point or another. Call former professors and peers from your college days. Ask your parents, siblings and friends if they have any friends in the health care industry. If possible, schedule lunch or coffee with each of the people your friends refer you to; it would be a good way to learn more about the challenges they faced while searching for clinical nurse specialist jobs.

Remember that Contacts Breed Contacts

During your conversations with former colleagues and acquaintances, ask them if they know of anyone else in the health care industry who might be able to give you more insight into finding a clinical nurse specialist job. Most likely they will each know of at least one person who would love to talk to you. Your job is to continue to contact people who can teach you more about how to get one of the open clinical nurse specialist jobs. The idea is that each person will lead you to another person, which could eventually lead you to the person who offers you a job.

Refresh Their Memories

Networking can take a significant amount of time and energy. Is it worth it? It is up to you to make your hard work pay off, even after gaining interviews for your desired clinical nurse specialist jobs. Write a letter to each person you meet in order to thank them for their time. Your letters should invite them to contact you if they have any further tips on your career search. Your letters will put your name back in their minds and may increase the chances they will remember you in the future when a job opportunity opens up. This communication should not stop with one letter. When appropriate, you should send holiday, birthday or anniversary cards. The goal is to not be forgotten, but don't be aggressive to the point that you annoy your contacts.

Keep the Future in Mind

By continuing to communicate with each of the people you meet, you will increase the chances of getting one of the higher-paying clinical nurse specialist jobs at another hospital or clinic in the future. Also, there may be a time in the future when you need to collaborate about clinical practices or leadership strategies with someone who could offer a fresh perspective. Maintaining these contacts will make you a stronger clinical nurse specialist because you will have ample resources.