Networking Tips for Human Resources Jobs

Once you've decided to enter the exciting field of human resources, you may be looking for networking tips for finding human resources jobs in your region. Since human resource (HR) professionals are naturally drawn to the more social aspects of business, there are some good ways to utilize networking to your advantage as you seek out employment in this challenging career.

Job Networking through Industry Associations

Perhaps one of the best ways to network your way to an HR job is by joining your local chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management, an international association of HR professionals. The SHRM provides resources for HR students and new graduates to network with more experienced HR experts, who often have connections with multiple organizations and companies who may be hiring. In addition, SHRM has an up-to-date online job board where registered members can search for HR jobs. Association meetings are generally held monthly at local branches of the SHRM, where you will have the opportunity to network and learn more about career opportunities in human resources before they are advertised.

Social Media Networking Opportunities

Another great avenue for networking yourself into an HR job is online social media. There are a great many HR professionals who already use social media resources like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to search for candidates for job openings. You can use social networking by listing professional profiles on all the major social media channels. To do so, post a resume that lists your professional and educational experience in human resources. In addition, you can set your status as searching for an HR career to let recruiters know you are ready for a new job. In addition, you will want to review any available social media job boards on a regular basis and contact hiring managers directly for more information.

Using a Mentor to Network

A great way to network your way to a new opportunity in human resources is by actively seeking out a professional mentor in this industry. HR experts are often willing to take on the responsibility of molding new HR professionals to help prepare them for the challenges of this ever-changing field. Look for mentors in HR association meetings, online in HR community forums and through local employment agencies. Then make sure to keep in close contact with your mentor by sharing your desire to start working in HR. You will be able to work directly with your mentor and his or her contacts to find a great new job with a reputable company. Mentors are also helpful to retain as you begin work in HR, as they can offer support and guidance along the way to help you become more successful.