Networking Tips for Psychiatric Nurse Jobs

There are many strategies for finding psychiatric nurse jobs, but the most affective strategies always include networking. By meeting people in the health care industry and learning about their professions your name will likely be remembered when psychiatric nurse jobs become available. Networking can seem intimidating at first, but with practice and planning networking will soon become second nature. Below you will find a few useful networking tips for finding psychiatric nurse jobs. For additional advice on finding psychiatric nurse jobs, visit

Create a Contact List

Make a list of various psychiatric nurses in your area. First, start with alumni from the nursing school you attended or intend to attend. You will immediately have a connection with anyone who shares an Alma Mater with you. The alumni association of your nursing school will gladly help you get in contact with current psychiatric nurses in your area. Another approach is to contact the human resources department at local hospitals and clinics. Inform them that your intentions are merely to learn more about the profession and that you would like to get in contact with current psychiatric nurses. They may wish to speak to the nurses before giving out any contact information.

Be Assertive

Most people enjoy talking about their professions--all you have to do is ask the right questions. Using your list of contact, call or write letters to psychiatric nurses in your area and ask if they would be able to take the time to help you learn more about how to find a job as a psychiatric nurse. Although it is acceptable to make it clear that you are looking for a job, do not ask if they know of any vacant psychiatric nurse jobs at their hospital or clinic. Ask about the challenges that they faced when looking for a psychiatric nurse job, and how they overcame these challenges.

Networking Events

Many areas have health care job fairs, happy hours, and conventions. Attend as many of these events as possible. The idea is that you will meet one person who will introduce you to another person. Learn from these skilled professionals, as they may have significant experience finding psychiatric nurse jobs. You never know who is going to offer you an interview, so make sure you are always dressed in business attire and maintain a professional demeanor. It is advisable to carry business cards with you in order to easily exchange contact information. 

Follow Through

It is not likely that every psychiatric nurse or health care professional that you meet will remember you more than a week later. It is your job to contact each person you meet within a couple days of having a conversation with them. The best way to follow through is by writing a letter. Your letter should thank the person for speaking to you about your search for a psychiatric nurse job, and invite them to contact you if they have any additional advice. If you do not have the physical address of each contact, sending an email is an acceptable alternative.