New Year Resolutions for your Job Search

The New Year is fast approaching and you may have lingered around the same employer for a long time. If you suspect downsizing in the coming year or have reached the stage where you want to pursue other opportunities, then you should set an action plan in motion for your job search.

Make a decision

Decide what type of job you want to do, for which company you would like to work and what the ideal situation would entail. Once you have decided what you want, you will have the focus needed for your New Year Resolutions for the job search.

Identify areas for improvement

Identify what skills are required for the job and where you still lack experience and qualifications. Don't procrastinate on those weaknesses. Do something about it. Enroll in a course to enhance your skills, brush up on your communication, grammar and writing skills. Acquire certification where needed. Join volunteer work, attend seminars and offer to help with projects to gain experience in specific areas. Get the experience you need.

Build a strong contact base

Join clubs, associations and go to meetings where you can mingle with other professionals. Conferences, seminars and workshops are also good places to meet new people.

Share ideas, contacts and information on jobs with these people. Entrepreneurs are potential employers and references. Befriend them and offer assistance where needed. Let them know that you are in the market for new opportunities and work.

Change your focus

Don't think 'what can I get from a company or situation', think 'how can I contribute to the effectiveness of a decision'. Make it a New Year Resolution for your job search to give something before receiving the benefits. Both you and others will benefit from this kind of attitude and employers will want you to be part of their team.

Get in contact with long forgotten friends and colleagues

Old friends, colleagues, college associates and family members are all people who may know of a job. They can act as references and help to get that interview you so long for. They will not know that you are looking for a job unless you let it slip, so make a point of it to inform them that you are job hunting.

List information for your CV

If you are planning a career or job change, list all your achievements and get letters of recommendation while you are still at your current employer. Obtain reference letters and do as many in-house courses as you can. Examples of achievements include: completing a project or important task before the deadline and within the budget limits, selling more than was expected, received customer compliments and recommendations, employee of the month or merit awards, expanding the market area etc.If you are unemployed or already in the market for a new job, you should list all your previous employers, contact details and achievements. Make a list of your skills, qualifications and interests, as well as possible references. Update this list on a regular basis. Once you have done this, build your CV for specific jobs and write a few generic cover letters that can be adapted for different employers. Make at least four copies of your ID, passport, qualifications, certifications, letters of recommendation, reference letters, employment records, employ numbers, driver's license and any other relevant documents. Check your credit record and make arrangements for clearing your name. Do the same with your driver's license.

New Year's Resolutions for your job search

List what you want to accomplish and set deadlines. Once your preparation for the job search has been done, get out there and do it. Keep your list where you can see it to prevent getting stuck in your old pattern. Good luck and go make the most of your New Year.