Nurse Anesthetist Job Search Tips

If you're looking for a nurse anesthetist job, you might have run into complications because of the range of options and the fact that these state-licensed jobs are relatively thin in local job ads. Some nurse anesthetist jobs aren’t suitable for senior registered nurses, either, in a career sense.

Searching Online for a Nurse Anesthetist Job

The good news is that the nurse anesthetist jobs are easy to find with a simple online search. The problem is that there aren’t many of them.

You will need to employ other job search methods in order to cover all the angles in this type of job hunting. One method is to post your resume on professional sites. These sites get a lot of traffic, and it’s a good passive job hunting option. This option provides your location, which identifies your licensure to prospective employers.

You can have the jobs come to you. A good place to look for nurse anesthetist jobs is Nursing Jobs, a U.S. site with a big range of nursing information, nursing issues and job ads. You can post a resume on this site too, and employers contact the site with expressions of interest. If you’re interested in the positions, you can follow up.

Searching Elsewhere for a Nurse Anesthetist Job

To keep fully informed of job opportunities in your area, you can do a few other things.

Network. If you’re an experienced nurse in this field, you can keep track of any nurse anesthetist jobs in the area with a phone call or so. Networking with trusted contacts allows you to get quality information about the employer, the working conditions and any other relevant questions. Contacts can also often provide direct communication with the people who will make the decision to hire you.

Check with staffing agencies. The specialist nursing agencies aren’t everyone’s perfect solution to finding a job, and some agencies are notably better than others. However, you do gain a few advantages for doing things this way:

  • You get an agency which gets jobs before they’re advertised.
  • If you’re returning to the workforce, you can get some help polishing and upgrading your resume.
  • Any jobs you get will help your resume and work record look good.
  • You don’t have to stare at job ads any more than absolutely necessary, or depend on them as the only source of finding a job.

Make sure the staffing agency is making placements and actually performing. Check with colleagues about agencies which they know have a good record of placements. Also check out any obligations on you before you sign anything. Get professional advice, if necessary, to make sure you’re not making any unwanted commitments, particularly financial.