Nurse Job Search Tips

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for a nurse job is excellent, with more positions available in certain regions and an ongoing need for qualified and dependable professionals. There are different strategies available to locate a nurse job based on your career plan.

Join Professional Association

Joining the local professional association is a good idea for nurses at all levels. Membership in the professional association provides access to a professional job board which is only seen by other members. It also offers access to any upcoming professional development and networking events, where nurses can meet one another and discuss employers, the workplace and find out about open positions.

Professional associations may also hire professionals to work in their association performing administrative and advocacy tasks, which is a good option for nurses who want to take a break to avoid burnout, get some experience for a promotion to management or if the nurse is recovering from an workplace injury.

Get Referrals

Many nurses find their positions through word of mouth or when they are recommended to the human resources at the healthcare facility by another nurse that currently works there. Make sure that the nurse who refers you has a good reputation as a capable professional, so only accept referrals from other nurses where you have seen and approve of their work ethic.

These referrals may also lead to cash bonuses for the nurse who makes the recommendation, provided that the nurse that is hired works for a minimum number of hours or weeks. A nurse that is a good networker can make some nice bonus cash if they are good at finding other nurses, as well as other healthcare professionals, to work at their facility.

Join LinkedIn

There may not be a huge number of nurses on LinkedIn, but there are many healthcare recruiters on the site. LinkedIn is an online business networking site where professionals can create a profile, join groups and have access to exclusive job boards. It is possible to ask questions of healthcare recruiters on the site without giving up your privacy or providing them with a personal email. LinkedIn is also a good source of jobs for a nurse that wants to explore an alternative career, such as in administration, non-profit, patient advocacy, insurance or even becoming a human resources specialist in the healthcare industry.

Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs are an asset for nurses that are just getting started in the profession or if the nurse is planning to relocate. At a career fair, human resources staff, and sometimes nurse representatives, staff a booth and discuss opportunities at their facility. The recruiters can answer questions about the hiring process, how to apply, their preferred resume style or how to get noticed in a resume database. They can also answer questions about the workplace, scheduling and if they offer any incentives or bonuses when recruiting nurses.

When selecting a career fair to attend, only attend career fairs that post the names of the attendees on the website for the event. Career fairs that have more than ten attendees, including out of state attendees, are usually the best option for new nurses or for nurses who need to relocate.