Nurse Manager Job Search Tips

Searching for a nurse manager job may bring up some issues. For experienced nurse managers, the information provided in job ads sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Nurse manager jobs seem to be described as nurse/manager roles, with a department name as the rest of the information. Some ads include the type of services or specify clinical experience requirements; others don’t.

Some provide a comprehensive list of duties. One ad listed duties from nursing to administration and finance, with ancillary services, corporate compliance, health information management, operational analysis, ethics and other duties described as “etc.” The job was in an intensive care clinic, with 20 staff under supervision.

Imagine going through 20 or more job ads like this, and you can see the problem. The ad doesn't contain enough information, and what’s provided isn’t all that useful either.

Narrow Your Job Search Online

The basic requirement for effective online nurse manager job search is finding useful job ads. It’s really a matter of finding jobs which fit your career track, as well as finding jobs for which you’re qualified. On the big job boards, this can be a difficult task, because many ads are from recruiters, and these ads tend to be standardized.

The simplest remedy is to use unique, specialist terms which can only apply to the jobs in which you’re interested. For the job above, “intensive care” would have found it and excluded other ads. This search term method works for all professions where your skills are a much better search option than a job title.

Use Specialist Sites

For nursing jobs, there are specialist sites which are far more sympathetic and better organized for job-hunting nurses than the big job boards. One of the biggest, as well as one of the best, is a U.S. site called Hospital Jobs Online. This is a big health sector site with jobs from all around the country. Because it is laid out well, you can find what you need pretty easily without having to plow through pages of irrelevant searches. 

You can definitely find nurse manager jobs in seconds on this site. Nurse manager jobs are on the scroll under "Management" in the "Job Title" categories bar. This is quick, efficient searching, so bookmark the site for easy reference.

Think about Your Career Track

The nurse manager job search also requires attention to the career track. At any stage in your career, you need to look ahead at career options provided by these jobs. Start your search with a clear idea of what you want in your new job, and the rest will be easy.