Nurse Practitioner Job Search Tips

The search for a nurse practitioner job really depends on what sort of specialty you work in. The difficulty is the quality of job ads, many of which refer to nurse practitioners as generalists, even when they’re actually looking for specialists.

That’s not much help to nurse practioners, particularly those looking for work which relates to their studies or career goals. There are a lot of these ads, and despite the good intentions of floating synopses of the ads, you still have to wade through a lot of them to find what you’re looking for, and many of them are cookie-cutter ad formats.

Nurse Practitioner Job Search Online

There are large numbers of ads which are almost definitely not going to be your first choice of jobs. There’s only one way to get through this obstacle course: Use terminology which suits the job description of the positions you want. Identify the terms which must be used in any ad related to these jobs, and you’ve solved the problem.

Terms like this will remove irrelevant search results:

  • Geriatric
  • Pediatric
  • Rehab
  • Hematology.

Important: If you’re looking for work directly related to your studies, particularly if you’re looking for something related to Advanced Nurse Practitioner studies, stick to this area. Working in other areas can be counterproductive. Integrating work with training is an excellent boost to your skills training and will help you get your degrees.

Specialist Sites

Professional sites are often a better option. There’s a big U.S. site called Nursing Jobs, which is all about nursing and nursing issues. It has a lot of job ads, better laid out than the other job boards.

This site allows you to search by specialty, and you can even post a profile on the site. Employers check the profile, and if they want to contact you, they contact the site with a job offer. The site then contacts you with the employer’s information. If you’re interested in the position, you can follow up. It’s worth posting a profile, because Nursing Jobs is one of the biggest sites and regularly tops Google searches.  

Other Options for a Nurse Practitioner Job Search

There are several ways of doing a bit more in your job hunting:

  • Recruiters: Specialist medical recruiters can be very useful, particularly if you’re living in a regional or rural area. They often have jobs on their books, and you may find that you can get a placement easily. (Note: Make sure you’re dealing with a reliable recruiter, and that any commitments on your part are explained up front.)
  • Agencies: Nursing agencies operate much like temp agencies, but they’re a good option if you’re looking for work. In the U.S., several nursing agencies operate nationally. All they require is a current state license. These agencies market themselves aggressively as staffing sources, so you also get the benefit of their marketing. (Note: Again, make sure that any commitments on your part are all clear before signing up with anyone.)