Nutritionist Jobs: Job Search Tips

Many employment opportunities are available to nutritionists, and if you are looking for work in this particular area, you may find the following job search tips useful.

Game Plan

Make a list, in order, of all the different types of places you would like to work. Some of these places might include gyms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and government offices. Decide whether you want only to look for a job in your town or whether you are willing to relocate. Once you have decided, come up with a game plan. Decide what you are going to do every day in order to land a nutritionist job. You might come up with a number of resumes to send out each day or a number of people you want to contact. Remember that looking for work is a full-time job, so expect to spend 8 hours a day on your job search.


Many commercial gyms employ nutritionists to help their clients plan healthy meals in conjunction with their exercise programs. Make a list of all the gyms in your area and start contacting them to see if they are currently looking for a nutritionist. Be open to the idea of working part time or in a freelance capacity if a gym doesn’t currently have a nutritionist but is open to the idea of having one on call should their clients request such services. Even if they are not currently hiring, see if you can fill out an application either in person or online that the gym will keep on file just in case an opening arises either in their location or in one of their affiliate gyms.


School districts have nutritionists on staff to plan healthy meals for students and staff. To approach school districts about a job, talk with the human resources department in the district office to see if they currently have openings. You can also check school district web sites for their employment listings. If the district doesn’t have any nutritionists positions available at the time you are inquiring, it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and send a resume or fill out an application, depending on what the district prefers. You never know when a job will open up, and if you have your information on file, they may just call you. You can also keep checking back every so often just to see whether any positions have become available.

 Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Hospitals and nursing homes have to feed their patients, staff and visitors. As a result, these places employ nutritionists to come up with menus for everything from regular diets to low sodium and sugar free meals. To look for a nutritionist job at a hospital or nursing home, contact the human resources department to see if they are currently hiring. If so, follow the instructions you are given. Some may want you to mail a resume while others may ask you to fill out an application online. Even if a particular hospital or nursing home doesn’t have a position for a nutritionist at the current time doesn’t mean they won’t have one in the future, so see if it is possible for HR to keep your information on file just in case an opening arises. Another way to find a job as a nutritionist is to check online. One website you might find beneficial is This website lists a variety of types of jobs at hospitals all across the United States.

Government Offices

Some government programs like WIC (Women, Infants and Children) have nutritionists on staff to advise their recipients about how to eat healthy, balanced meals. To seek out such a job, contact your local, state, or federal government office to see if there are any positions available for nutritionists and what the procedures are for applying. Be persistent. Often the first person you talk to won’t be the one with the information you need. Keep trying and be patient as you may be put on hold numerous times before you finally get the person who can point you in the right direction. A good place to start would be with one of the WIC offices in your area.

Other Advice

Check your local newspaper daily to see if anyone is listing an opening for a nutritionist. You can also go online to various websites that will allow you to post your resume for businesses and organizations who are looking for nutritionists. Don’t give up on your search. Even if you have to take another job to make ends meet, keep looking for a nutritionist position. Eventually you will find exactly the right job for you.