OB/GYN Nurse Job Search Tips

Becoming an OB/GYN nurse can be a rewarding and exciting profession for someone who enjoys women and babies. While the job might require long hours and patience, it can also be one to brag about. With the appropriate credentials, education and job search tips, you could find an OB/GYN nurse job that becomes a satisfying career.

Earning Your Qualifications

If you want to become an OB/GYN nurse, you should have the correct qualifications. This means you should already be a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse before you apply for an OB/GYN nursing job.

You can become a registered nurse by obtaining a 2-year Associates Degree or a 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing. If you do not have these proper credentials, you might want to think about going to a nursing school.

After you earn either degree, to qualify to be an RN, you will have to pass the national exam for nursing known as the NCLEX. Check with your state first to see what exams they require before you can legally practice. For instance, LPNs are not always required to take the national exam, but may have to be certified. It depends on where you are applying and in what state you reside. Some hospitals and other health care locations do not require you have any special training in obstetrics and gynecology.

Finding Jobs Online

If you have your nursing credentials, you can start your job hunt by applying at hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and other health care venues. Contact the human resources department or manager of each office to get the correct name of the person who should receive your CV or resume. Finding out the name beforehand will ensure that your information reaches the appropriate person rather than landing in the wrong hands.

You can also check online for any OB/GYN nurse jobs at websites such as Nursing Jobs for current listings and openings. Local newspapers in your area or the place you would like to work should have classified job ads (often online) with similar job listings too. Check larger job websites like or other mainstream search engines for more nursing jobs.


Stay in contact with your nursing colleagues and classmates who may have landed a position before you. They should be able to alert you to new openings that they may have heard about in their own circles.

Attend Chamber of Commerce meetings and local hospital fundraisers. Ask friends and family for suggestions that might also lead to job opportunities. Ask your own doctor if he or she is looking for an OB/GYN nurse or perhaps knows of a colleague or acquaintance that might.

Checking with Nursing Schools

You can check with nursing schools for job openings since they usually have job boards or postings that come directly from various health care professionals who are in need.

Following Up on Applications

After sending out your resume or applying for an OB/GYN nursing position, be sure to follow up a few days afterward. Check with the person to whom you sent your CV or resume and become friendly with that person. Make yourself known so when they do make a decision, they will remember your name and credentials.