Occupational Health Nurse Jobs: Job Search Tips

Searching for occupational health nurse jobs can bring up a wide range of options. Occupational health nurse jobs cover quite a spectrum of roles, at both the basic and advanced levels. Occupational health nursing involves two basic streams, and while there are similarities, they’re quite different jobs, which will explain the range of jobs you’ll see while searching.

  • Basic occupational health care: The management of treatments for people who’ve suffered injuries. These jobs are usually within institutional care management.
  • Advanced occupational health: The management of occupational health issues in the workplace. Here you will monitor and care for job-related injuries and safety. You may also advise on health and safety standards in the workplace.

Searching Online for Occupational Health Nurse Jobs

Like many jobs in the health care sector, you can find occupational health nurse jobs on the big job boards, but the quality of the job ads sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Some are very general, notably the many agency jobs. They tend to leave out things like a requirement for RNs, and the general job descriptions vary from professional to positively vague. Because the agency jobs are particularly flexible and can offer a wide range of employment, you should investigate each agency on its merits. Contact these agencies for more details if the ads don’t tell you what you want to know.

The best way to approach this situation is to tailor your job search to your professional qualifications and career needs. This strategy removes the unwanted search results and lets you concentrate on job hunting. Use search terms that relate to your skill sets and job preferences. If you’re looking for the advanced work, use terms like "Skilled Nursing Facility," "SNF" or specific elements in your work.

Another job search option, better than the giant job boards for occupational health nurse jobs, is Nursing Jobs, a nurses-only site with a lot of features, including nursing issues, staffing agencies, resume help and other useful things. You may want to bookmark this site as a quick reference.

Using Other Options to Find Occupational Health Nurse Jobs

If you are an experienced nurse, you can try several other options which might be simpler and more career-oriented than the basic approach:

  • Specialist staffing agencies: For expert nurses, the staffing agency option removes the “vague job ad” syndrome. The agencies get their jobs before advertising, and they also know their job markets well. That works out well for you and the agency.
  • Senior occupational health nurse jobs: For senior nurses, this is a real career option, and a potentially rewarding one. If you’re an experienced senior nurse with management experience, you can do a lot of work in appropriate career roles, including these:
  • Policy
  • Consultancy
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Projects

These are high-paying jobs, and the demand is growing for professional occupational health services in the broader employment market. This is also high-value work. Occupational health is a major employment issue around the world, and the market for advanced training and consultancies is growing.