Once you have decided to accompany your working spouse to an international location, you can prepare for an alternative career by being self-employed or a freelancer. It is essential to collect as much information to highlight your skills, work experiences, academic qualifications and letters of recommendations before you leave your home.

If you are part of a professional association, you must look for names of firms already operating there, so you have a ready networking base. It is also a good idea to take any equipment that you require regularly with you from your home country. It can be time consuming to locate stores and find the exact equipment that you require.

It is a good idea to talk to anyone who has lived or worked in the country where you are going so you can get their feedback and also some additional names and numbers of possible contacts. Keep in mind that although it is beneficial to take advice from people who have lived and worked overseas, each person's experience is different and might not necessarily be a positive one. While one person might have great difficulty in learning a foreign language and adapting to their new life overseas, you might not find it a problem at all.

You could also use the opportunity of self-employment as an interim job while you hunt for a professional job. It is the perfect time for you to explore new avenues of work that you might not have had a chance to do before.

Freelancing in an international country where you are not familiar with the systems or work and living can be a challenge or an adventure. A certain amount of planning is required but it is sometimes better not to fix and commit to anything before arriving. Settling down in a new environment can take longer than expected and it is better to study the situation first-hand before deciding on a job.

Freelancing can be an addictive and liberating experience. It will make you independent, confident, stronger and even more optimistic. It will also give you some free time to learn and adapt to your new home, so you can make the most of your international experience. Take your qualifications, referral letters, paperwork for personal, academic and professional affiliations to clubs and any other material such as equipment that might help you in finding a job.