Oncologist Job Search Tips

Landing an oncologist job can take time and research. An oncologist is someone who not only studies cancer, but also diagnoses and treats cancerous tumors. An oncologist holds degrees in medicine, as well as a specialty in one of the many categories of oncology. These areas can range from gynecological oncologist to pediatric oncologist.

Oncologists typically work at hospitals, medical centers, private practices and entire venues dedicated to cancer patients. Be sure to check with your city or state to see what specific medical credentials are needed in order for you to practice as an oncologist in any capacity.

Hunt Online

The fastest places to search for oncologist job openings are usually job websites dedicated to the health care field. Looking online several times a day is important because listings change almost hourly. You can submit your résumé/CV or apply online on various sites without making an appointment for an interview. If the company is interested, they will contact you directly to set up a one-on-one interview.

Inquire at Hospitals

Area hospitals often have oncology departments. Contact the head of local oncology departments to discover the best way to apply for any open oncologist job positions. The hospital may require you to serve an internship, apprenticeship or fellowship before they admit you onto their staff. Try to make an appointment with the director for any insight he or she might be able to offer you.

Join Oncology Associations

Ask your local hospital referral line if they have the contact information for any oncology associations in the area. There are specific oncology associations that offer memberships, mixers, job placement assistance and more for an annual membership fee. Once you become a member, it could be helpful to attend some of the events and mingle with other oncologists. They may know of open positions where they work, or perhaps they could put you in touch with other colleagues who may be in the market for a staff oncologist.

Find Research Organizations

Not all oncologists practice in a hospital or clinic setting. You can explore an oncologist job in the medical research arena. You might want to contact universities who perform cancer research and need researchers, or you may call on your own medical school to see if they know of any research openings. Medical companies, big and small, also conduct research on a regular basis, so they may need more oncology research staff. Contact the company’s human resources department or personnel department for some tips on how to apply.

Ask Family Members

Chances are strong that you have a friend or a family member who has been affected by cancer. Such people can probably supply you with names of oncology doctors who helped treat them for cancer. Do your own research on the doctors and try to make contact with them to see if they have suggestions on where you can land an oncologist job. If these doctors have their own practices, they might even offer you a job themselves.