Oncology Nurse Job Search Tips

The importance of the oncology nurse job can hardly be overstated. These dedicated health care professionals are experts in the care and treatment of those suffering from cancer. The need for these nurses is great. If you're looking for an oncology nurse job, this article will provide information on how you can find work in your chosen field.

Checking with Nursing Organizations

An oncology nurse is part of a huge network of nursing professionals. As a registered nurse, he or she can use the resources of the American Nursing Association, the nation's largest nursing organization, to help in looking for job leads. The ANA is a vast unit with connections to literally every hospital and clinic in the nation. You can contact any local branch for information on oncology job openings in your area.

An oncology nurse also has access to more specialized professional organizations. The Oncology Nursing Society is the largest of these and can also provide job information. There is a branch almost anywhere cancer treatment is performed. The ONS can give both job leads and professional advice on upgrading skills, preparing resumes and cover letters, and networking in the health care system.

Using the Internet

The World Wide Web is a wonderful tool for finding oncology nursing positions. The professional organizations mentioned above all maintain their own websites where you can get information on local branches and other critical subjects. You can also use other websites for nursing job searches. One of the best is www.nursingjobs.org. It is user-friendly, and you can fine-tune the search by location, hours and other criteria. This site also allows you to post your own resume and get career tips and advice.

A word of caution about online job searching: Be aware that there are some unscrupulous sites out there looking to take advantage of people. Use common sense in your online activities and do a little research on who you're dealing with.

Many people today take advantage of social networking sites on the Internet to advertise themselves. You can definitely create a page on sites like Facebook or Twitter to help attract attention. However, you want to make that page as professional as possible. Don't confuse that page with your more personal online activities. The social networking site LinkedIn is one that many professional people use for job purposes.

Consulting Educational Institutions

Nursing schools and educational institutions can also help you find job leads. Your former nursing school may be able to provide placement assistance.

Networking with Other Organizations

Oncology professionals often work closely with hospices. These places may also be able to provide some job leads. It may even be worth it to network with local churches. They also may provide assistance to cancer sufferers and can therefore help connect you to providers of oncology services.

If you are looking to relocate, scout out your new location by making connections with major hospitals and clinics beforehand. Don't wait until you actually move to start. Preparing in advance is never a bad idea.