Operating Room Nurse Job Search Tips

An operating room nurse job involves helping patients before, during and after they go in for surgery. Operating room nurses also making sure the operating room staff is caring for the patient as best as possible.

Searching for a job as an operating room nurse typically occurs through online searches, nursing organizations, classified listings, job boards or referrals.

Find Metropolitan Hospitals

Large metropolitan hospitals tend to have larger staffs than smaller hospitals. The number of turnovers are sometimes higher in larger organizations because of the size of the staff. Contact the head of the nursing department at each hospital you are interested in and inquire if there's an open operating room nurse job.

Call on a Recruiter

If you are busy and do not have a lot of time to dedicate to searching for an operating room nurse job, you might want to consider a recruiter. Recruiters should be able to help place you in an operating room nurse job if they have all kinds of employment leads. However, be prepared to pay this person a fee, either upfront or after you have been hired. Ask the recruiter beforehand what the financial responsibility will be so you can prepare yourself.

Visit Trauma or ER Centers

Some neighborhoods have smaller emergency room clinics or facilities that are open 24 hours. These differ from a large hospital in several ways, mostly because they are not as extensively staffed or equipped. However, they may need a professional OR nurse who can assist as emergencies come in all hours of the day and night. Contact the acting director of the faculty for an interview. Bring the appropriate materials including your resume and any letters of recommendation.

Contact Plastic Surgeons' Offices

Unlike family physicians, plastic sturgeons tend to have full operating rooms and facilities right on site. Plastic surgeons also have post-op rooms where patients recover and stay overnight, which ultimately creates an operating room nurse job. Look in your community directory for a list of those plastic surgeons in your area; see if you can speak with the office manager. This type of setting tends to pay well.