Paramedic Job Search Tips

When looking for a paramedic job, use resources such as industry specific job boards, vertical search engines and career fairs.

Health-Related Job Posting Boards

Paramedics that use the Internet to look for work should try searches on job boards specifically for healthcare or emergency services, such as Hospital Jobs Online or 911HotJobs. Unlike the general job boards, such as Monster, the paramedic job seeker will find fewer but more relevant results which can speed up the time spent looking for available jobs.

Look for job posting boards that offer tools to speed up or automate the job search. For example, on Hospital Jobs Online, you can search specifically by the state where you wish to work or where you are licensed to work, for available paramedic jobs. Hospital Jobs Online will also allow the job seeker to upload a resume and to sign up for an RSS feed through their job matching service, which means that the job seeker is emailed when new, relevant jobs are added to the job posting database.

Vertical Search Engines

Vertical search engines, such as Indeed, SimplyHired, Career Jet and Diversity Jobs, create lists of job postings by pulling together job postings from a wide range of sites, such as major job boards like Monster, industry job posting services such as 911HotJobs, or directly from employer websites. By searching in one vertical search engine several major job posting databases can be searched at one time. These search engines also provide job alerts, maps and salary surveys to help with the job search and research into the best employers.

Though you can search within a vertical search engine for results in a specific area, by city, state or zip code, vertical search engines are powerful tools for a paramedic that would like to relocate. In a relocation search, the paramedic may not know the names of all of the hospitals or emergency services providers that hire paramedics in the region, but a search on a vertical search engine will provide some of that information as well as their currently available jobs. Maps, usually provided in the search results of most job posting vertical search engines, will help the paramedic job seeker learn more about the new community, major employers and find out about the region around the hospital.

Career Fairs

Career fairs, specifically for the healthcare industry, are also useful for paramedic job seekers. As is the case when searching on Internet job boards, look for industry specific job fairs in your region, or in the region where you would like to work. Large employers may also provide a listing on their website of which career fairs they plan to attend, as well as the date and location of the event.

Only attend career fairs if the fair’s organizer provides a list of attending organizations on their website. This helps you prepare your resume and cover letter for distribution prior to the event and allows you to research the attendees before traveling to the fair. If no attendees at the career fair interest you, look for another suitable career fair.