Parental advice on teen summer jobs

When your teenage son or daughter talks about searching for a job, you assistance could keep them focused and help them land a job in half the time they would have needed otherwise. Go through the following tips to help your teenager to get a job they would enjoy:

1. Keep communication channels open - sometimes your teenager might sound highly unrealistic or want to move into a line that you think has no future. You need to learn to disagree while maintaining the communications channels open. Instead of forbidding them from going into that line, assist them to get closer to their dream. They might find the disadvantages of the occupation much faster that way, than if you oppose them.

2. Importance of a resume - help them draw up a resume and explain the importance of a well-written resume for any teenager to get a job. The resume would contain the academic performance as well as projects done in school and any volunteer work that the teenager has done.

3. Importance of networking - emphasize the importance of networking for a teenager to get a job. The habit of networking with peers and mentors would come in good stead even later on in his/her life.

4. Importance of hard work - teach your teenager that there are no short cuts to fame or success. Hard work, sincerity and integrity are what bring success to any individual. For a teenager to get a job he/she should value and reflect these virtues in everything they do.

5. Importance of follow up - following up with leads and queries is one of the most important aspects in job searching. Teach them to follow up after they delivered their resume, after an interview, after they offered their services, etc. Following up shows courtesy and interest - besides it gets you noticed.

6. Importance of planning - For a teenager to get a job he/ she should plan well:

  • their time - how much time they have for the job
  • their possibilities - what they can do well; this is almost always based on the skills they possess so they should know what they are good at
  • their opportunities - what the neighborhood needs; what type of offices, businesses or shops are around where they could be absorbed; help them identify what they could do with the opportunities available
  • their safety - it is very important that they understand that safety comes first; they should know how to call for help and ensure their safety
  • make a list of all the possibilities available - jobs, business, services and help them see which one would suit them best