Part-Time Accounting Job Search Tips

Part time accounting job search is really a matter of job parameters and job quality as much as income. A part time accounting job needs to be a job which is a good income source, but also a good option for your domestic and other needs.

The difference between part time accounting jobs and full time accounting jobs can be minimal, in terms of demands on time. Seasonal work, in particular, may mean taking on a lot of work, when you got a part time job specifically because you needed the time.

Part Time Accounting Job Search Online

There’s only one way to search for these jobs. You must search systematically, and with your own needs as the guidelines. The basic job category, part time, does help, but you then need to narrow it down to your own best options.

For example:

  • You want at least a 2 day a week part time accounting job.
  • It needs to be local, because you’ve got a young family and don’t want to spend a fortune on commuting anyway.
  • Your salary needs are a natural consideration.

This situation defines the job you need. If you can be reasonably flexible about your hours and times, you may also be able to get extra work. Also consider “on call” jobs, which are jobs where you may be required to help out on notice from the employer. These can be very good jobs, and you may find you’re picking up more work on a regular basis.

Searching for local part time jobs in the US is now a bit easier, thanks to a site called You can search anywhere in the country, through employer and well known employment agent sites. 

Checking Out Part Time Accounting Jobs before Applying

The lesser known aspect of part time jobs is that time is a primary consideration for some people, and times of attendance do matter to them. (That’s often how part time jobs become vacant). It’s advisable to check out times in advance, before applying, because you may find yourself getting a job you won’t be able to do.

Other Part Time Accounting Job Search Options

  • Cold canvassing: Looking for local part time accounting jobs can be simpler than it might seem. In most cases, local businesses and many accounting firms are willing to consider hiring a part timer, because of their workloads. The accounting firms in particular are potentially good quality jobs, and you may be able to turn the job into a steady job with some additional career options in terms of types of work.
  • Networking: If you have the professional and business contacts, networking is a good option. You can check out jobs in advance, and get good information about the type of work and the employer.
  • Offering accounting services: This can work, if you’re only looking for a small scale type of job, and you can also cold canvass and advertise in local media. It means you effectively become a contract worker, doing part time accounting jobs. It’s a “part time accounting job”, based on your needs and ability to do the work. You can also expand this type of job, if you’re able, into a better income source.