Part-Time Jobs for Students: Job Search Tips

You can find a wide variety of part-time jobs for students by networking, using job boards that specifically list part-time opportunities and by making their own job.

Start with Family and Friends

Most students find their first jobs, like childcare or yard clean up, through a recommendation from a friend, or when a parent volunteers them for the work. But friends and family members can lead to many other opportunities beyond changing diapers and lawn mowing.

For example, a friend whose parent is a doctor or lawyer may be looking for someone to answer phones or perform some basic office tasks that have caused a backlog in the office, tasks that can be easily completed by a student part-time worker. It can’t hurt to tell as many friends or family members that you can that you are looking for work and see what opportunities arrive. You don’t have to accept every offer, but it is possible that they may have the exact opportunity that you are looking for. This is also the best method for someone with no or limited experience to get a referral into the workplace.

Other employers may offer incentives to their employees to find part-time or temporary work that is ideal for students, so they may be more than happy to take the referral of a hardworking student. If your friend gets a bonus for recommending you as a part-timer, provided that the experience works out for the employer, you have made your friend very happy by getting them some extra cash.

Job Boards

Some students want to spend their time at work away from family, so turn to the web to find jobs. Many of the major job boards, however, are focused on full-time work. Students should use a job posting service that specializes in part-time jobs.

Groove Job provides access to job postings that are specifically for part-time or student work. The Groove Job search allows searches by city, zip code or by state. The site also provides a recommended list of the most popular searches by city and state. You can also browse by employer listings on the site, so if you want to work for a specific company, you can see if they have job openings in your city. If you sign up with Groove Jobs you can build your resume online and submit it to any job you find on the site. Additional tools include alerts and a resource center for job finding information.

Sign Up For Alerts

Most job boards will allow you to sign up for alerts, either via email or RSS feed. The advantage to creating an alert is that you don’t have to remember to search the job posting site; instead the site emails you when jobs that match your criteria, such as specific employer or keywords, appear in their database. Signing up for an alert is one way to get up to date job information emailed directly to you as soon as the opportunity is posted.


Students can also make some extra cash, or create their own part-time job, by becoming self-employed. Self-employment options can include dog walking and tutoring, but they can also include launching your own T-shirt company or writing articles as a freelancer for a local newspaper. A book like "101 Businesses You Can Start for Less Than One Thousand Dollars" is filled with self-employment options for students. The ideas in this book are arranged by the cost of the initial investment to start the company. Self-employment options can also be added to a resume which can help a student improve their work experience.