Part-Time Marketing Job Search Tips

Part time marketing jobs create some interesting possibilities for those working in this industry. In marketing, current skills and job quality are primary career assets. Your job may not be “who you are," but it’s used as the baseline reference to your skills and experience.

Marketing is a particularly mobile type of work. Skills are developed according to the types of work, and one of the factors in part time marketing jobs is that these jobs are often very diverse, providing experience in a very wide range of areas.

Part time marketing jobs are created strictly on a needs basis. The part timer may be filling in directly for a staffer, or doing a range of overflow work as an organizational fixer. This is often the case with both experienced and entry level people who can fill in on a wide range of tasks at their skill levels. As a part timer, you may be involved in general agency work, including:

  • Merchandising
  • Market research
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Product branding

The part time marketing job, for entry level people, can operate like an internship, giving a very wide range of skills and experience. For experienced people, it can work as a general refresher too, providing current skills in areas which may have been limited by a single track job.

Part Time Marketing Job Search Online

These issues are important when job hunting for part time marketing jobs. Some jobs are much better than others, from a career perspective, particularly at entry level. If you’re studying marketing, and unable to do full time work, the best part time marketing jobs can also integrate practical experience and training, which is invaluable in terms of gaining strong skill sets.

The word “marketing” as a search term is a very mixed blessing. You’ll find the marketing jobs, but you’ll also find anything with this very broad term included in the job ads. The best option is to add qualifiers. Any of the basic areas of work, like merchandising, will help cut down the search results to easily manageable levels.

If you’re interested in a particular area of marketing, like market research, use that term, in preference to others. This does remove many of the search issues, except in the case of promotions, where you may want to use another descriptor if you get too many results.

At entry level, some sites are also much better than others. The big job boards by definition contain more ads for experienced people than entry level, and they can take up a lot of time. There’s a US site called GrooveJob, which provides a lot of useful information and job listings for entry level people. The job listing on this site include listings from some top US employers, and you can click through direct to the application and job information materials.

Another point to note about looking for part time marketing jobs online is that you need to be able to manage the job times and related issues. These jobs are valuable assets, so make sure you look for work which is easy to handle in terms of commuting, job hours, and other considerations. Try to avoid any possible conflicts with study, as far as possible.