Part-Time Receptionist Job Search Tips

Openings for a part time receptionist job can be posted in a variety of places and under several different job categories. In order to know how to find out more about these positions, it’s worthwhile to learn some tips regarding the best ways to search for part time receptionist jobs. 

Where to Look

When it comes to looking for a part time receptionist job, knowing where to look can make all the difference in the success of your search. A good place to start is online. On the internet you can search through a number of free and for-pay career sites that list job openings. When doing this you can decide how narrow or how inclusive your search will be. Another good starting point is the classified ads of your local town or city. In the local newspapers you will be able to see multiple listings, giving you a good idea of what kind of part time receptionist positions are available at the moment in your area. 

The Draw of Temporary Agencies

Especially if you are just starting out in the receptionist field of work, it can be beneficial to look to a local temp agency for job placement. This will help you establish contacts, gain experience on the job, and work while you continue your search for something more permanent. If you perform satisfactorily at your temporary jobs, the connections you make could serve to help you land a desirable position in the future.

What to Look For

Some receptionist positions may be listed under other titles, such as clerk or administrative assistant. When you look for a part time receptionist job it is important to know all of your options, so be aware that the jobs you’re interested in may be listed without the word receptionist in the title. On the internet, you can search for part time receptionist jobs through specific search parameters that include location, specialization, and type of tenure. 


Most receptionist positions require candidates to have a high school diploma or the equivalent, but there are also receptionist jobs where higher education can be helpful and a college degree can lead to higher pay and expanded career possibilities. If you have a legal or medical background or a higher education degree you may want to search for specialized receptionist positions, such as a part time receptionist job in a law office or at a medical practice.

Know the Requirements

When looking for a part time receptionist job, there are tons of resources right at your fingertips with the internet and classified ads, or just around the corner with word of mouth and the help of temporary agencies. When you find jobs that you want to apply for, be sure to read the requirements thoroughly–if the position specifically requires that the candidate be bilingual and you only speak one language, it is probably not be worth your time and effort to apply. Stick to listings with requirements that you can fulfill, keeping your search as efficient and effective as possible.