Part-Time Retail Job Search Tips

There are many different methods, from networking to visiting an employer's website directly, to find a part time retail job. Here are some tips that should help you land a fun, rewarding retail job.


Friends and family can be a source of retail jobs, since they may already work in retail, have friends or co-workers that work in retail or they may have seen job postings in the retail shops they visit as a customer. Some retailers may also ask their employees for referrals to friends and family members who may be interested in working for the company, because they believe that they will find good workers similar to the quality workers they already have. The employer may also believe that a person will not recommend a friend or family member who will not do a good job, since it would harm the reputation of the referring employee. Some employers may also offer recruitment incentives, such as cash bonuses, to their existing employees for difficult to staff positions, so a recommendation from a friend could give them some extra cash, if their referral works out as a hire.

Online Job Posting Services

There are job posting services specifically for part-time jobs. For example, Groove Job provides listings of part-time jobs, by city or state, on their job search database. You can also sign up for job alerts if your original search does not provide a job that you are interested in. A job alert is an email notification that comes directly to you if a new job that matches your search terms is added to their database. Job alerts, as well as job feeds which are accessible in a feed reader or a browser that supports feeds, are methods that can speed up and automate a job search.

There are also job posting services specifically for retail jobs. For example, RetailGigs provides job listings only for jobs in retail, though it may also include full time jobs in their search results. This site has a special niche within retail, merchandising, though there are a wide range of retail opportunities available.

Try Social Media

Social media, such Twitter and Facebook, are also sources of part-time jobs, though not all of the jobs are for retail. To use Twitter, run a Twitter search looking for the keywords, part time, retail and the name of your city, and look for tweets that provide these opportunities. The Facebook marketplace is also expanding into a job posting service. It is also possible that your friends and family who work in retail may also post job postings in their Facebook feed for their employer if they know that a job is available.


Since Craigslist charges only a small fee to employers that want to post jobs, small companies, including small retailers, will also post jobs on Craigslist. Search Craigslist by city to look for available part-time job opportunities.

It is possible that a job could also be a scam, so look for recognizable company names, with phone numbers that you can call for more information. Never send personal information, such as a social security or bank account number, before visiting the work place in person and receiving a legitimate job offer on paper. If it looks too good to be true, as in an excessively high salary or a job offer without an interview, it is probably a scam.

Go Directly to the Website

Employers prefer to save money by posting jobs on their own website. If you know exactly who you want to work for, make a point of regularly visiting their website to see when new opportunities with the company come available. However, this method only works if the employer regularly updates their website and if you know exactly who you want to work for.