Pediatric Nurse Job Networking

The most challenging part of finding a pediatric nurse job is getting your foot in the door. Hospitals search for highly qualified, caring pediatric nurses, and they often receive hundreds of applications for just one job opening. To gain more information on pediatric nurse jobs visit Networking is a great way to learn about available pediatric nurse jobs, and an even better way to make sure your application gets noticed. 

Reasons for Networking

There are several reasons to network, the most important being to find a job. By meeting people in the health care industry, you will surely run across someone with connections to the pediatrics department at a local hospital. Set up an appointment to meet with this person in order to learn more about a career as a pediatric nurse. Showing an interest in learning more about the position is a great way to meet people who may eventually think of you when a pediatric nurse job opens up. Networking can also be useful even after you have already found a pediatric nurse job. By maintaining contact with the people that you meet while networking, you will gain access to valuable resources and potentially learn about promotions within the health care industry.

How to Network Efficiently

You can network in many ways, such as reconnecting with former acquaintances, including former professors, peers or colleagues. These people can sometimes help you learn more about job trends and gain advice about your job search. The best way to contact former acquaintances is to telephone them directly and ask them if there is a good time to meet to discuss looking for a pediatric nurse job. If they do not feel qualified to give you advice, ask if they could recommend another person who may be more qualified. It is often helpful to make it clear that you are not looking for a specific job in their hospitals, but you are merely trying to gather general information about a career as a pediatric nurse.

Great Places to Network

You can network almost anywhere.  Events in your community, such as a little league baseball game, a school fundraiser or a church banquet are all ideal places to learn more about people's careers. The best way to meet people in the health care industry is to go to specific industry networking events or fundraisers. Nurses' unions and other health care associations often host activities where people from all corners of the industry are able to meet with one another and discuss career opportunities. Dress to impress.

Following Up

Meeting pediatric nurses or other members of the health care industry is just the first half of networking. The second half of networking involves following up with every person you meet. Send cards, letters or emails telling them it was nice to meet them. By sending a simple note, you are showing that you are capable of paying attention to details and have an assertive personality--all of which are great characteristics for a pediatric nurse.