Pharmaceutical Sales Job Search Tips

A pharmaceutical sales job is one greatly liked by the energetic young generation. Pharmaceutical companies market their products via the pharmaceutical sales representatives and they are on the lookout for outstanding persons to represent their firm. Larger organizations like GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, and Merck may recruit directly, but many firms may not recruit out of college. The competition is fierce and you need to stand out to be counted.

Here are some search tips to find pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Pharmaceutical Sales Job Search Tips

  • Get the basic 4-year college degree.
  • A degree in life-science courses will be helpful.
  • Prior sales experience will be of immense value as you would have learnt how to prospect, create a sales presentation and able to identify the needs of the customers. Most of the pharmaceutical companies prefer people with good sales records and sales experience.
  • Check the newspaper classified section of your local and national newspapers and check the 'want ads'. Under medical jobs or sales jobs headings, you may find the pharmaceutical sales job ads. Apply for them.
  • Visit online job board  like Hospitaljobsonline and they will give you all information about viable job openings and all useful tips about whatever you may need to get a job.
  • Get a great resume ready. You can seek professional guidance and get a resume that will set you apart.
  • Also get a sizzling cover letter to land your dream job.
  • Send the resume with covering letter to all major pharmaceutical companies. Request for possible job openings and if you happen to get a favorable reply, request for an interview.
  • You can seek the help of a recruiter to help find a pharmaceutical sales job.
  • Your college career guidance office may provide assistance in directing you to companies hiring for the post.
  • Internal referrals are given high priority in most pharmaceutical companies. The representatives who do the referral also get a referral bonus if they recommend a good candidate.
  • Network with pharmaceutical representatives in your area. Get in touch with current representatives of any company about any possible openings. 
  • Request your local doctor or his/her receptionist, your local pharmacy or hospital staff to help you to ask the representatives about any openings in their firms.
  • Contacting the Pharmaceutical Representatives Association branch and getting to know people there also may be of help.
  • Google the websites of companies in your area for any opening and you can apply for available openings.

13. Persevere in your attempts to get a break into the field. Keep sounding for any opening and any positive response and follow it immediately.

14. Your application will be looked with favor if you can show yourself as a team player with participation in some sports team or other extracurricular activity participation to show as an achiever.

15. Drug-free history is very essential. Illegal drug abuse automatically rules out any chance of pharmaceutical sales job.

Follow these easy tips and see the difference you make. Apply these tips before you start your job hunt and make sure you develop the right aptitude for it.