Pharmacist Job Search Tips

A pharmacist job search is a potential challenge. The great diversity of types of pharmacist jobs can require some patience in creating a good job search routine and in locating the right  jobs for career streams.

Pharmacist Job Search Online

The major difficulty with an online pharmacist job search is with the term “pharmacist.” The jobs are definitely there. However, it’s the tendency of the big job boards to lump everything called “pharmacist” together. As a search term, “pharmacist” is pretty inadequate. It’s necessary to add a term that refers to a particular specialty or function of the work. Try to avoid generic job title-like terms unless you’re at entry level. For senior and experienced pharmacists, more specific terms should work as good definitions.

You can even use your qualifications or license type to remove the unwanted materials from your search. If you have a particular employer, like a franchise or a hospital in mind, search those in combination with your unique search terms.

A very good general option is to go around the major job boards and use the specialist sites. There’s a US site called Hospital Jobs Online, which is a very comprehensive site for all forms of health care positions, including pharmacist jobs. You can search by state, keyword and location; better still, pharmacists have their own category. (Scroll down to "Allied Health--Pharmacist" on the job types menu.) 

As a category-based job search, this is a lot more efficient. This site also includes a lot of resources for job seekers, including direct links to recruiters and staffing agencies and even resume help.

Pharmacist Job Search Options

There is a good side to pharmacy job searches, once you’ve pinned down your type of job and gotten your search routine working. You can target specific employers and types of employer. The big retail chains like Walmart, for example, have a very wide range of job options for pharmacists and thousands of outlets. Their hiring practices tend to be pretty efficient, too, with a regular turnover, so you can check them out in detail.

Much the same can be said of the other pharmacy franchises and similar medium to large pharmaceutical businesses. These are mainstream employers, their pay and conditions are good and they’re benchmark resume material for career purposes. They also generally have good programs for further qualifications, ongoing education, and so on.

In other sectors, some pharmacist jobs are strangely overlooked as both jobs and career options. Academic and manufacturing area pharmacist jobs are good jobs, and they have definite career upsides. They don’t have much in common with the baseline mainstream jobs, but they do relate strongly to the upper-level mainstream jobs. These jobs also have natural crossovers into the hospital sector, particularly teaching hospitals in the case of academic work.

Other less “fashionable” but highly rewarding, career-positive pharmacist jobs can be found in these areas or organizations:

  • Military medical corps
  • Community organizations
  • International aid
  • Red Cross

Note: For these pharmacist jobs, it’s advisable to contact recruiters directly and check out the job options and the hiring processes in detail.