Pharmacy Tech Job Search Tips

Those who are interested in a pharmacy tech job will find that there are many types of jobs available. The health care field is growing substantially, and trends suggest that there will be an increasing demand for all related jobs. Nursing homes, hospitals and retail pharmacies are hiring skilled pharmacy technicians. You could soon find yourself employed as a pharmacy tech if you follow some of these job search tips.

Get Certified to Become a Pharmacy Tech

In order to get a job as a pharmacy technician you will need to get certified. Certification involves formal training at educational facilities like vocational/technical schools and business colleges. The length of pharmacy tech courses varies according to the institution, but they should all teach subjects such as medical terminology, customer service, inventory control and record keeping. Cultural awareness is another subject that is important because pharmacy tech jobs require you to be able to work with a diverse group of people.

Taking a course to become certified as a pharmacy technician will help you explore all your options. You will learn the skills necessary for working in hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. Graduates also find employment in retail pharmacies, wholesale companies, mail order companies and online pharmaceutical businesses. By being aware of the different types of jobs you can get as a pharmacy tech, you will widen your options and be more likely to find employment. Check out to find current openings in the health care field.

Build a Great Pharmacy Tech Resume

When you are searching for a job as a pharmacy technician, you will need a great resume. It will need to be visually appealing, but the content of your resume is most important. Highlight your training and any experience you've gained. If you have special skills, such as speaking a second language, you should draw attention to these skills.

If you have completed an internship or if work practice was part of your training, be sure to include these facts on your resume. You should focus on specific skills that you developed to illustrate your abilities. Don't forget to include references. Your internship may not have been paid, but your supervisor will be happy to talk about you if you did a good job.

Get Experience in the Pharmacy Field

One of the most obvious types of experience is the internship that you completed, but there are other types of experience that may be helpful. You can get a job as a pharmacy aid before you find a pharmacy tech job. Pharmacy aids assist the pharmacy technicians by doing administrative tasks like answering phones, stocking shelves and maintaining records.

Volunteering can also be a good way to add experience to your resume. Many nonprofit health organizations recruit volunteers. Hospitals and nursing homes are a good start, but you might also find volunteer work with charities. Having the customer service experience will help you get a pharmacy tech job and will build skills you will need in your line of work.