Photography Internship Tips

Photography internships can vary from the basic to the advanced. These internships are excellent opportunities for learning a lot from professionals. To become a successful photographer, you really do need to have both talent and exceptional skills. You also need training, and a lot of it. Professional photography is a very much a business as well as an art form, and learning the survival skills of the pros is another major benefit of the photography internship.

Finding a Photography Internship

The problem is finding the right internship among many, and some of the job ads aren't too well written, either, even by the standards of the job boards. They can be vague and uninformative. It's advisable to stick to a game plan and go for specific internship roles.

The best search option is a particular type of photography, rather than a generic internship. This concentrates on your preferred options. In most cases, one or two search terms will define the search effectively. Technical terminology can also help focus on specific areas of interest.

  • Note: Do not use generic terms like "fashion", "glamour", etc. Concentrate on specific terms unique to what you want.

Employer websites are also reliable search options. If you're looking for an advertising position for your internship, ad agency websites are the best place to start. Specialists, like fashion studio names, are another good option.

Understanding the Different Types of Photography Internships

Some photography internships include terms like "must have experience in Microsoft Word and Excel". Obviously, the administration role is important in that type of internship. That's highly relevant to your professional needs, because that terminology also includes the business angle in photography.

Other internship ads place more emphasis on the creative content aspects of photography. These jobs are very valuable in terms of direct experience and portfolio material covering essential skills like software and types of photographic production. The creative jobs are also important for references in this important field.

Interviews and Interview Question Tips

Internship interviews vary a lot between employers, despite the basic similarities of the jobs. The interview questions need to be very functional, and directly related to the core skills of internships.

Photography internship interview questions may involve:

  • Photographic software
  • Videos
  • Technical questions for specific types of photography like fashion, advertising, portraits, etc.
  • Sets and backgrounds
  • Composition
  • Subject contexts and definition
  • Lighting
  • Digital software applications
  • Publishing
  • Agency portfolios
  • Administration duties
  • Client liaison and customer service
  • Problem solving
  • Communications skills

Important: The best way to approach the interview is to do your homework and research the employer's business, to understand the internship role in the organization and the work involved. This research is also extremely useful in preparation, allowing you to check out the technical side of the photography, the software and the types of photographic jobs involved.

In all creative internships you will be required to provide a portfolio of your work at the interview. That gives you a great opportunity to be competitive and stand out. Make sure that your portfolio includes all specified software, technical specifications and is a good match to the employer's style and quality of work.