Physical Therapist Job Networking Tips

Working in a physical therapist job can be a rewarding career but one that takes hard work and the ability to network.

A physical therapist’s role can range from quietly working with elderly patients in a nursing home to helping Workman’s Compensation employees at a chiropractic office rehabilitation center.

There are various ways to get your name circulated within the physical therapist industry to land a lead position as a physical therapist full time.

Online Sites

One way to search for physical therapist jobs, as well as network is by checking daily online job websites that list job openings, career advice and/or resume writing. If you can, check more than once a day these postings since job openings can come and go quickly.

Chiropractic Offices

Many chiropractic offices cater to patients who need rehabilitation after an illness, an on-site employment accident or any other physical injury to their bodies. On hand at this offices is typically at least one physical therapist who may work anywhere from a few hours a week to a full time position. Because these types of injury accidents and incidents are quite common, more than one reliable physical therapist is usually in need. Contact your local chiropractors in your town to see if there are any current openings. Try and make a face-to-face appointment to check out the office, its equipment and staff, as well as offer the doctor your own credentials.

Call on Hospitals

City hospitals are usually staffed with a number of physical therapists depending on the size of the hospital and its departments. If you can, send off a resume or CV to the director of personnel or Human Resources with a cover letter detailing your experience as a physical therapist. Also, check with friends, fellow colleagues or even nurses who are on staff at a hospital to see if they have heard of any physical therapist job openings.

Senior Establishments

Most senior centers, homes, nursing facilities or residences have a medical staff on-site or such individuals that visit the venue on a regular basis. Seniors tend to need physical therapists more often than others, which mean the need for a physical therapist in this setting is typically high. Call on these establishments to find out if they need extra help or need someone to fill in for a vacationing physical therapist. This could be one way of working yourself into the system and later landing a more permanent position if one comes about.

Local Schools

Check with local schools to see if there is a need for an in-house physical therapist or perhaps someone to help hurt individuals on sports teams. Schools tend to look for parents to help out in these case who may have experience in the field. It is possible that you could work a few hours in various settings as a physical therapist, or as a volunteer or even someone who can perform the responsibilities pro bono.

Trade Organizations

Another way to network is to seek out physical therapist trade groups and organizations. Such groups often hold regular monthly meetings, distribute newsletters and offer get-togethers for members. By joining or becoming a member of a group, it could lead to jobs and more.