Planning for International Jobs in the USA

Looking for and getting international jobs while in the USA, can be a confusing and sometimes scary experience for foreigners. This is a very different culture for most foreigners, and it takes some patient learning to understand the way things work. You’ll also need to do some planning about travel, entry, accommodation and getting acclimatized to a very different culture.

Job Search in the USA

The US job market is typically volatile. There are strong regional factors in the employment market. Most jobs are centered in the big cities. Availability of jobs is often based on sectors, or economic conditions.

Finding a job as a foreigner also raises the issue of entry and visa requirements. This is sometimes a sensitive topic in the US, where illegal entrants and foreign workers are a major issue. While most Americans will understand the difficulties and sympathize with the job hunter’s situation, economic conditions and tough times make it hard to get work.

Getting a Job in the USA

America will respect and hire talent on merit, but like most countries, the actual process of entry can be an ordeal. It’s extremely important to understand the laws, and above all to stay on the right side of those laws. The green card process is simple enough, but it also involves conditions you must follow.

Important: Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be in breach of US entry regulations. Keep track of your entry permits, all relevant dates and keep your personal documents up to date.

Travel and Moving to the USA

The US is a huge and very diverse country, unlike any other. If you haven’t been there before, it’s a good idea to It’s advisable to make every effort to learn about the social, cultural and professional environments. Friends, colleagues and community groups are good sources to find out the Dos and Don’ts of America.

Accommodation and Basic Living Needs

Finding a place to live is best done with some local knowledge. If you have friends or relatives in the US, or a local community group, get advice about where you live. You need to explore costs, legal issues in terms of renting or buying, and things like driver’s licenses and health insurance, etc.

Career Track Issues in the USA

The US really is the land of opportunity for many professions, including some of the world’s best options in many areas of business, science, and media among others. That said, the US is also a fiercely competitive professional environment in many professions, particularly business. Career progression is based on knowing how to progress, as much as any other factor.

In the US you will find a very strong emphasis on achievement. This is the professional definition of career progression in all commercial fields. You’ll also note that job mobility is a major factor in career advancement. To take advantage of opportunities, you will need a very good understanding of career options and possibilities.

In the US career approach is that the “careerism” concept relates to a huge range of professional options. Careerists are also realists in terms of what’s possible. In the US you can become the CEO of a huge corporation or a film star, a supermodel or a celebrity. If people are the product of their environments, these are the people that the US environment produces regularly.