Police clearance

Being an ex-offender will restrict you from some security-sensitive positions. Also, depending on your criminal record, some issues involving cash handling and where you work will be effected as well. You will want to obtain Police Clearance for any areas which there may be trouble during the job search.

Why the use of Police Clearance? The issue of police clearance allows an ex-offender to be free and clear to work in a broader range of jobs. It also satisfies the employer's concerns about hiring an ex-offender for many job responsibilities. What will you find on a police clearance record?

  • A record of your previous job history
  • A record of your criminal history, including convictions and sentencing requirements
  • A copy of your most recent credit history showing any debts or fines outstanding

It is a wise option for you to obtain a copy of your police clearance report as soon as you are able. This is a simple matter of requesting it from the nearest office of your state police department. This will allow you to work free and clear in most cases. Once you get your copy you should work with it to make sure it gives you the best advantage when looking for work. How do you do this?

  • Verify the accuracy of the offenses listed; this should be fairly simple
  • If you find inaccurate information, begin on working to get this removed or corrected; use a legal aid service for this if needed
  • Check into the possibility of sealing some of the records as some offenses can be sealed from public viewing; again have a legal office look into this for you and provide recommendations

Most European nations and the United States do not have federal police clearance reports. You would need to check with the local or regional police for what they can provide you. Many times, unless you are in a field which requires security, employers will simply look to see if there have been any criminal convictions in your history over the last ten years. Sometimes a simple background check will qualify as clearance as well. This will depend on the employer and their requirements.