Police Officer Job Search Tips

From the career fairs to vertical search engines, there are many readily available resources to find a police officer job.

Police Department Website

If you know exactly which police service you would like to work for, or you are narrowing down your choices, always visit the human resource section of the police department’s website. This section of the site will include information about requirements for positions, testing, including study aids, job profiles within the police service and information about working and living in the community. The site will also include information about upcoming career fair dates and may include announcements of additional recruitment events.

Some police service websites are more developed than others. The well developed sites, such as the New York Police Department, can include online chat with a recruitment officer, videos, frequently asked questions, salary and benefits information and exam preparation materials. Other sites may have only a listing of the next testing date and some job postings. However, no matter how little is on the site, the recruitment section of the police department site should be the first place to look for resources about becoming a police officer in that community.

Career Fairs

Police service human resources personnel attend career fairs. The representatives that attend career fairs are usually police officers that are currently working in human resources for the police department, so they can answer questions about working as a police officer, the recruitment process and different opportunities. One career fair may have representatives from many different police departments, so if you haven’t decided exactly where you want to work, a career fair allows you to shop for a job opportunity.

To find out about career fairs and who is attending and their location, check with your college career centre, on the police department’s website for recruitment events, or on the event organizer’s website.

Industry Specific Job Boards

Unlike general job posting boards, industry specific job boards, also known as niche job boards, offer relevant job postings for policing. These sites include CopSeek.com, Police Employment, 911 Hot Jobs and RealPolice. To simplify and automate your search, look for job boards that will allow you to sign up for an RSS feed or a database that will send you an alert when new jobs that match your search terms appear in their database. Also look for search engines that take you directly to the employer’s posting so you can research opportunities and determine if their recruitment officers will be attending any upcoming local events, such as the RealPolice job board.

Vertical Search Engines

For a police officer that needs to relocate or a prospective police officer that hasn’t decided on the community that she wants to work in, a vertical search engine is a good choice. Vertical search engines, such Indeed or Career Jet, pull job postings from employer websites, large general job boards and niche job boards. Some of these vertical search engines also offer email alerts and feeds of job postings. They may also include mapping tools and provide salary data, tools that are useful for your job search.