Possible Salary in Mumbai

Mumbai is the land where dreams come true. People who are today leading stars have come years ago to this city with nothing more than one way ticket in their pockets and dreams in their eyes to make it big. This city has that magical quality about it. If you believe in yourself, Mumbai is the place to be.

There is a very high absorption of MBAs, engineers, and IT specialists. There is absolutely no dearth of jobs in Mumbai. The salary can range anything from Rs.10,000 (US) to Rs. 5 lakhs (US) starting point. There is indeed a lot of scope for any type of career, but largely is a glamour based industry.

The middle and senior most levels have a fantastic range of salary and perks which far surpass those of other metros of India.

The benefits:

In Mumbai the job offers you most of the living requirement, i.e. house, conveyance and health insurance. There are a number of organizations which include a good amount of allowances, including education allowance for your children. Most companies offer free accommodation or at highly subsides rent. Among other perks offered are meals, and conveyance.

Mumbai organization also encourage professional growth and hence they have the offer for paid training courses as a choice given to any fresher or middle level employee, at the expense of the company.

Mumbai is a stricter to the job-hoping trend and very rarely you will find people staying fix at an organization for more than 5-7 years. There is good competition in the professional level, but it is also a very warm ambiance and you will definitely not find better work environment anywhere else in India which is a perk by itself.

Mumbai is synonymous with cash flow come try your luck in this wonderful city!