Pre-job jobs

In the beginning of everyone's career there is the first job. More often than not, this was an entry level position used to gain one of two things:

  • Entry into a company or profession
  • Training and skills for advancement

The Internship and Apprenticeship

Internships were created for two reasons:

  • To get experience
  • To offer insight into a career path or field

Using these types of entry level jobs while in college or changing careers helps you to gain useful experience in the type of work you are interested in. At the same time you gain income to help offset living expenses while you learn.

The Entry Level or Starter Job

Using entry level and starter jobs to learn about a company from the inside is another tool which can help you achieve the job you want. These types of jobs are also good for insight into the everyday tasks you will encounter along the way. While these positions do not pay substantial amounts, they do provide for a modest income while you work your way up and into the profession of your choice.

How to Make Use of These Jobs

The best way to make use of entry level jobs and internships is to follow a few guidelines:

  • Take on as many tasks as possible to learn as much as possible
  • Learn about every position around you
  • Learn about the company and its goals
  • Learn about parallel career paths and alternative positions

Internships, Apprenticeships and Entry Level positions are all acceptable methods to learning new skills and gaining ability. Having these positions on a resume will show that you took the time to learn the methods and skills needed for your career choice.

You can also use entry level jobs to expand your experience and knowledge as to what type of work you may wish to settle into. There is also the possibility to use skills and training from these jobs for other unrelated work.

  • Answering phones and customer service jobs can lead into Human Resources or Public Relations positions
  • Office Assistants can find themselves working in fields from Business Management to Finance to Project Coordinator

Where These Jobs Are

The fields which most widely use apprenticeships, internships and entry level positions would be:

  • Healthcare
  • Building and Construction
  • Legal
  • Social Services
  • Publishing
  • Finance
  • Public Administration
  • Fashion
  • Advertising/Marketing

The key to using entry level positions is to have a career goal which they help you achieve. Every position you take should move you closer to your ultimate dream job.